US Turns over Al-Anbar; Is al-Maliki Too Cocky?

The US has handed over security duties in al-Anbar Province to Iraqi troops and police. Maj. Gen. John Kelly warns,however,that al-Anbar needs an infusion from the central government of cash for reconstruction if the province is to avoid going into insurgency yet again.

McClatchy reports on fears of American officials that Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maliki has become over-confident. Many of the relative successes his troops have had have depended on American close air support and logistical help, something these observers do not believe he can dispense with so soon.

There are also worries that al-Maliki wants to take over the Awakening Councils so that he can purge the Sunni Arabs serving in them.

The article also reveals that there has been a deterioration in the security situation in Basra in recent weeks, with a spike in assassinations. The American official who admitted this deterioration had to remain anonymous since his assessment is more negative than the facade put up by the Bush administration. It is a hell of a note when propaganda is the official story and people have to hide behind aliases if they just want to speak the truth.

Raed translates a leaked draft of the security agreement being negotiated between al-Maliki and Bush. Despite al-Maliki’s emphasis in news conferences on preserving Iraq sovereignty, the draft agreement subordinates Iraq to the US military in several articles.

McClatchy reports political violence in Iraq on Sunday:

‘ Baghdad

Three civilians were injured by an adhesive bomb that was attached to their car. The incident took place in al Taharriyat intersection in Karrada neighborhood in downtown Baghdad around 12:30 p.m.

Around 7:00 pm. An IED explosion targeted the car of Emad Sa’id Jasim al Mish’hadani, the leader of the Sahwa council in Tarmiyah north of Baghdad. Al Mish’hadani was injured seriously.

Police found one unidentified body in Talbiyah neighborhood in east Baghdad.


A child was killed and two other children were injured by a roadside bomb that targeted a patrol Kirkuk emergency forces in al Qadisiyah neighborhood in downtown Kirkuk city.

Ten people were injured including five guards work for Abdul Ameer Mahdi; the judge of Tuz Khurmatu court when a suicide car bomb targeted the convoy of Judge Mahdi on the road between Kirkuk and Tuz Khurmatu around 11:45 a.m.


Three farmers (two brothers and their nephew were killed by a bomb that was planted inside the water pump of their farm in al Othmaniyah village south of Baquba on Monday evening.’

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