Fadl Rebellion against Government is Put Down

It seems fairly clear from McClatchy’s account that the slummy Sunni Arab district of al-Fadl in Baghdad went into rebellion against the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Saturday and Sunday, after the arrest of Adil al-Mashhadani. The latter was the leader of the Awakening Council or Sons of Iraq paramilitary that has been patrolling Sunni Arab neighborhoods. The Awakening Council then kidnapped 10 Iraqi troops and launched an all-out struggle. Hard fighting by the troops of the Shiite-dominated central government, backed by US soldiers, bested the rebels, who were forced to surrender and release their hostages.

The bad news is that the Sunni rebellions may start up again. The good news is that the Iraqi Army stood and fought against the rebels.

McClatchy reports political violence in Iraq on Sunday.

‘ Baghdad

– At 5 p.m. a magnetic bomb attached to an Iraqi Army officer’s car detonated in the neighborhood of Ghadeer in eastern Baghdad on Sunday. The car was empty but the blast wounded two people passing by.

– At 8 p.m. two people were killed when a magnetic bomb attached to their car detonated in Adhamiyah, a neighborhood in northern Baghdad. Eight people nearby were also injured.


– A roadside bomb killed seven people in the Hamdan Industrial Compound in southern Basra on Sunday. Morgue officials received seven corpses from the incident but police said only six people were killed. Six were garbage collectors and the seventh was a policeman.


– An unidentified man was found shot dead in Karat Amour village in northeast Kirkuk on Sunday morning.


– At least 17 people were wounded when a car bomb detonated in a market in the town of Qayara, about 25 miles south of Mosul.

– Gunmen shot down an employee of the Mosul medical care department in Mosul around 3 p.m. The employee was about to leave his office when the gunmen opened fire. He died immediately.


– A roadside bomb targeted a police patrol in Fihaylat area in (about 17 miles south of Falluja). Six policemen were wounded ,two of them in critical condition and among the wounded were two officers.

– A roadside bomb detonated at the gate of Anbar University targeting the head of the security, the brigadier general Ali Mikhlif Al-Asafi. The brigadier general was wounded in the incident and his injury is serious. ‘

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