9 Killed in Extremist Bombings of Mosques in Pakistan

One person was wounded and 8 injured (all policemen) by a Taliban bombing at Kohat Saturday morning. The attack was likely intend to punish the Pakistani security forces for their campaign against the Taliban in the North-West Frontier Province . . .

The Tehrik-i Taliban Pakistan (Movement of the Taliban of Pakistan), led by Baitullah Mahsud and Hakimu’llah Mahsud, said Friday that it was behind the bombings of the Pearl Continental Hotel in Peshawar and of mosques in Lahore and Nowshehra, (the latter two left at least 9 persons dead).

Among the victims, a prominent cleric, Sarferaz Ahmad Naeemi stood out. He had issued edicts against the Taliban and their rigid religious practice. His moderate madrasah or Muslim seminary was among the targets of the blast in Lahore.

Pakistani president Asaf Ali Zardari announced Friday that the Pakistani military would set up an enduring base in Swat, so as to prevent a relapse into Taliban control.

It is also widely expected that he will order the military to go after Baitullah Mahsud in Waziristan. Many Pakistani security officials believe Mahsud murdered Zardari’s wife, former prime minister Benazir Bhutto.

Aljazeera English has video on the two mosque bombings in Lahore and Nowshehra:

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