Demonstrators Tear-Gassed, Fired On

Hundreds of protesters braved tear gas and even some live fire to march toward Tehran University on Thursday, commemorating a crushed student protest movement of 1999 a s well as protesting the allegedly stolen elections of June 12. Police intervened to disperse them. A new and significant feature of this demonstration was that simultaneous rallies also occurred in cities all around the country. Although the crowds were relatively small, this national coordination suggests a national underground organization is emerging. The authorities cut off text messaging capabilities on Thursday in a vain attempt to thwart networking.

Nico Pitney is doing his usual superb job of live-blogging today’s events in Iran.

Aljazeera English has a backgrounder on today’s protests

Nico Pitney’s interview with me at the Brave New Studios in Los Angeles on Wednesday:

You can also see it at Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Studio site, a treasure trove of progressive, web-distributed documentary film-making.

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