Mahsud’s Death Seems ‘Sure Thing’

The leading Pakistani newspaper, Dawn, reports that there “is no doubt” that a US drone strike killed Baitullah Mahsud, the leader of the Taliban Movement of Pakistan. The report says that the US shared with Pakistan officials video from the drone that clearly showed that Mahsud’s body had been torn in half by the blast.

Some Pakistani officials are showing some optimism that the Taliban Movement of Pakistan is on the run, having suffered significant reversals in Bajaur, Mohmand, Swat, and now South Waziristan.

In bad news for the US and NATO, An Afghan Taliban leader said that Baitullah’s death was irrelevant to the Afghanistan Taliban, which would continue apace.

AP lists possible successors to Baitullah, who include other members of the Mahsud tribe.

Dawn has a video biography of Baitullah Mahsud.

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