7 Killed, 50 Wounded in Peshawar Blast, 17 Killed in NW Bombings

The news in the US is about several terrorist plots, some by Christians and some by Muslim expatriates, which have been averted by good police work, by the FBI and its local colleagues.

In Pakistan, the news is about a terrorist plot that was not averted.

Update: Two further blasts in the Northwest brought the death toll to 17, with 150 wounded. These actions are a sign that the Pakistani Taliban are regrouping after their defeat in Swat, when the Pakistani military took them on frontally.

A bomb blast shook the commercial district of the northern city of Peshawar on Saturday morning, killing at least 7 persons and wounding 50. Peshawar is an important forward staging ground for NATO materiel and equipment, intended to go across the Khyber Pass into Pakistan. The guerrillas figure if they can ratchet up the pressure they can impede further US operations in Afghanistan proper.

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2 Responses

  1. Peshawar is a beautiful old city that never experienced bombings until the US invaded and occupied neighboring Afghanistan. The beautiful people of Peshawar do not deserve American "foreign policy"

  2. Hi, Dr. Cole:

    I'm wondering which Christian attacks you are referring to when you write: several terrorist plots, some by Christians.


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