Muharram Violence in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan

The background for the big news in Iraq, Iran and Pakistan on Saturday and Sunday is the Shiite mourning season. Saturday was the 9th of the month of Muharram and Sunday is the 10th. These ritual dates in the Shiite calendar commemorate the surrounding and then killing of Husayn b. Ali, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, at Karbala in Iraq in 680 by the armies of the Umayyad caliph Yazid. During Muharram Shiites tell the story of the passion of Imam Husayn, the martyr, which many feel is redemptive rather as Christians believe they are saved by the sacrifice made by Jesus.

With the spread of Shiism in the past decades, Ashura is commemorated widely in the world. Abbas Djavadi remembers when these religious ceremonies, involving sermons, poetry, story-telling, public processions and in extreme cases bloody self-flagellation, were largely apolitical.

But with the Islamic Revolution of 1979 in Iran and then decades later the rise of the Shiite crescent after the Bush administration overthrew secular Arab nationalism in Iraq and presided over the rise of fundamentalist Shiism, Ashura is highly politicized. It is politicized in two ways. It is a marker of Sunni-Shiite conflict, and it is an arena for contention over its meaning among competing factions of Shiites.

In Iraq, hundreds of thousands of Shiite pilgrims walked to the holy city of Karbala under strict security. In recent years, Sunni Arab guerrillas have targeted Shiite processions with bombs. Even with good security and bomb-sniffing dogs this year, a few bombers targeted pilgrims in Baghdad on Saturday, killing a handful and wounding more. On Friday, pilgrims had been killed in East Baghdad and in Karbala. The guerrillas are targeting Shiite pilgrims to protest the Shiite take-over of Iraq under Washington’s auspices.

In the cities of Isfahan, Kermanshah and Shiraz in Iran, the political opposition used the 9th of Muharram processions to protest what they called the tyranny of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Some chanted against the very principle of clerical rule. They were cracked down on by police and paramilitary basij forces. pro-regime elements also interrupted the sermon of former president Mohammad Khatami. Sunday things are set for a clash between reformists and the regime.

In Pakistan, the federal army was deployed throughout the country to protect Shiites on the 10th. The Pakistani Taliban against whom the current government is fighting are extremely anti-Shiite. A low-intensity bomb was set off at a Muharram procession in Karachi on Saturday, wounding 13 persons. Presumably the culprits were radical Sunni extremists.

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3 Responses

  1. Reuters: Heavy police presence in Tehran says Iran opposition
    by Shifteh Ansari on Sat Dec 26, 2009 11:03 PM PST

    TEHRAN (Reuters) – An Iranian opposition website said on Sunday that hundreds of security forces had deployed in central Tehran, where the opposition planned to stage fresh anti-government rallies during a Shi'ite religious festival.

    "Hundreds of police, riot police and security forces are at Haft-e Tir square, Enqelab Street and near the main Bazar," the Jaras website reported.

    link to

    پس از اعلام آماده باش سه روزه به کلیه ی نیروهای بسیج و سپاه امروز بار دیگر تهران شاهد حضور گسترده ی مامورین در مسیر اعلام شده برای یک راه پیمایی اعتراضی دیگر است.
    به گزارش ارتش سری هم اکنون شمار زیادی از مامورین یگانهای ویژه سپاه در میدان انقلاب حضور دارند و خود را برای سرکوب معترضین آماده نموده اند، این در حالی است که علیرغم شکل نگرفتن صفوف مردمی تا کنون تعداد بسیاری در ایستگاههای اتوبوس و ایستگاههای BRT حضور دارند و منتظر شکل گیری تجمع و پیوستن به آن هستند./پایان خبر
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  2. From Twitter:

    Emam Hossein, all security forces visible, their vans parked

    Special brigades deployed to protect Khamenei Residence

    People starting to flow into central Tehran

  3. There are all kinds of rumors floating around, with some substance being added daily by the regime itself, that Khamenei is possibly going to be formally declared the Imam Zaman, Qa'im and Mahdi soon. Given the industry of prophecies about the Imam Zaman and his appearance that the Twelver Shi'a clerical class has built their careers upon over the centuries, I am just curious how the regime plans at explaining such a scenario to its own constituency and the general community.

    My suspicion is that as a desperate act of self-preservation the pro-apocalyptic faction of the powers that be in the regime will in fact do this very thing: that in 2010 we could very well see Khamenei suddenly declare himself, or be declared, the Islamic Messiah. Note that all the Shi'ite prophecies foreshadow a global apocalyptic war with the appearance of the Mahdi. To justify any imminent military confrontation with the West, one could see the Islamic regime indeed venturing into such risky messianic business as a last ditch maneuver at self-preservation.
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