Pakistani Reactions to Obama’s Nobel

The USG OSC translates or paraphrases Pakistani Urdu editorials on President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize:

Pakistan Urdu Press Roundup on Obama Receiving Nobel Peace Prize
The roundup of excerpts from articles and an editorial on the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to President Obama, the reasons behind the act and the criteria set in place by Alfred Nobel himself that is needed to be met before one receives such a prize, published in the 12 December 2009 editions of three Urdu dailies.
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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ummat Editorial Says Giving Nobel Prize to Obama Proves Awarding of Peace Prize Not Impartial

Suspecting the objectives behind awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama, the editorial states: “It has not even been a year since Obama took over as President. Besides giving speeches, he has been unable to carry out any practical action so far, rather by sending an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan, he has shown his likeness for war. Other than that, he did not even make an effort to put out the flames of war that has been ignited by former President Bush in Iraq. The issues of Palestine and Kashmir can turn into a volcanic eruption any day. Even then the US President has been awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, which only proves one thing that there are certain specific objectives behind awarding of the Nobel Prize.”

Aaj Kal Article by Shahid Nadeem Questions Eligibility of Obama For Receiving Nobel Peace Prize

Asking that what facts did the Nobel Peace Prize committee consider before they decided to give Obama the Peace Prize; the article says: “How did the Nobel committee come with the name of Obama? Has the US President met the requirements set by Alfred Nobel in his will for the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize? Some of which are to promote brotherly relations among nations of the world, reduce military might of superpowers, and establishing world peace. Although Obama did visit some Muslim countries and sent a message of peace to the Muslim world, his visits have been unable to produce any tangible results.

Nawa-e Waqt Article by Aisha Masood Says by Mentioning Use of Force During Speech, Obama Negated Purpose of Peace Prize

Emphasizing that Obama negated the whole purpose of the Nobel Peace Prize by stressing that sometimes use of force is unavoidable; the article comments: “Obama has stated in his Oslo address that at present the United States is in a state of war and that this is only just the beginning. Let us wait and see that what his hard work brings to the world. He also said that sometimes the use of force is unavoidable. . however; instead of using the word sometimes, he should have said most of the times use of force is unavoidable.

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