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  1. ref : “The attack on Kabul seems likely to have been [directly] aimed at Karzai… certainly true, Juan; but indirectly the guerrillas have just in-your-face illustrated that the Generals Petraeus & McChrystal's strategy, "to protect Afghan civilians," is as unserious a notion as "training illiterates to supplement and/or replace (how insulting!) NATO-American troops in ~6 weeks." Eerily similar to what we repeatedly saw in IRAQ, occupation troops in AFGHANISTAN first arrive ex post facto above the fray by helicopter ~ then drive to the scene(s) of carnage much later in formal convoy(s) of armored vehicles ~ and inevitably complain by their media statements that "intelligence is/was inadequate." (yet U.S. Envoy Richard Holbrooke Says Taliban Attack on Kabul 'Not Surprising' Hello? General? This Taliban: can you hear me now?) And for this reason 100,000+ troops in country are impotent to prevent direct assaults on Ministry of Government buildings; or provide security for civilians in market places, Universities, or upscale city center hotels and shopping malls "frequented by the more wealthy citizens and Westerners."

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