Scott Brown implies that Obama was born out of Wedlock

Martha Coakley –

An evolution in the birthers and teabaggers? Joan Walsh points out that Republican candidate for senator from Massachusetts Scott Brown says he doesn’t know if Obama’s parents were married when they had him.

You always knew what they called him in private, but here it is in public.

A subtext here is condemnation of adult men and women having children at 18. The Right wants to juvenilize us so as to control us, and are gradually defining up adulthood so that more of the population can be regulated by religious zealots, being actually ‘children.’

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17 Responses

  1. The Dems deserve to lose Kennedy's seat for all the f___up's they've done, and Obama–I am not a right-wing tea-potter–however if Brown does win, notwithstanding this evangelical remark (if untrue he doesn't care), this country will take another and inevitable step towards a Puritan mindset to write off all those who think freely. Palin-Brown religious ticket?

  2. Not rocket science here, is it? Scott Brown is making overtly racial slurs against Barack Obama. Next thing we hear, he will be calling him a "slumdog!"

    What is WRONG with the voters in MA that they can't see this scumbag and his strategy? If Democrats vote for him because they are mad at Obama, they are saying waaay more about themselves (i.e.dumb and vengeful) than they are about our President. And they are probably the same people who will vote for Sarah Palin out of anger in 2012. Sick, sick country we live in!!!! And getting sicker all the time!!!

    Kate Madison
    Depoe Bay, Oregon

  3. Makes me wonder if Scot Brown's parents were sober when they had him.

  4. The reporters should have asked Scott Brown if the Hawaii newspapers are in the habit of reporting on the birth of babies born out of wedloock as he suggests Barack Obama's mother was not married when she had him and it was in a Hawaii newspaper. Bill Corcoran

  5. It might have more weight if it weren't more than a year old. Why didn't the Coakley campaign pick up on this earlier? Complacency deserves defeat, no matter how painful it will be for us.

  6. These verbal frat boy pranks will take on a different context in about 40 years, when the Euro-american settler spawn lapses into minority. Sooner would be better. Nevertheless . . . here's to it!

  7. So what if they weren't? Neither were Jesus's earthly folks.

  8. It is incredible that Joe Scarborough & Chris Matthews and Fox are all reporting polls that show scott brown will win. Their slanted language portrays it as a done deal. A self-fulfilling prophecy bias. They are counting on the stupid among the masses. The media is just as culpable as the republican administration that screwed this country and is acting to pr for them again.

  9. I don't know if Scott Brown's parents were married when he was born either. I don't even know if the man he says or thinks is his father really is his father.

  10. Scott is so full of "brown." Just what America needs—another big mouth Republican MORON in the senate. What on earth does being born in or out of wedlock have to do with one's qualifications, anyway? I have a new idea for qualifications—make all potential politicians take an IQ TEST. Then maybe America could someday move FORWARD. These cretins always try to take us back in time.

  11. Oh, and by the way—how do the Republicans have the nerve to talk about MORALS? There are many more Republican sex scandals, even gay sex scandals, than in the Democratic party. For example, I have yet to hear of a Democrat going off to screw around in a foreign country without telling anyone he is leaving, and shirking their duty to the state they are supposed to representing. Such stalwarts of "moral values" we have here!

  12. He is pushing for the "Independent" voters and evidently has found something that works.

  13. OMG! I'm so tired of character assassination by people who are not qualified to give out opinions in the first place. Even Jesus was concieved and born out of wedlock. Most people are nowadays and from time beginning. It is irrelevant except to those who are b*(^@#$s themselves

  14. What this is all about is the white portion of our nation running scared, ahead of the demographic tidal wave that nothing can stop. Expect more ugliness in the future from people who otherwise seem perfectly nice.

  15. Do you MA voters have any idea what it will mean if you put this sleazebag into office? Haven't the Repukes done enough damage to our country in the last ten years? Are you gluttons for punishment? It is crucial that Ted Kennedy's seat remain DEM or these naysayers will have enough votes to kill the healthcare reform bill! They don't CARE if you have to go bankrupt from medical bills! This is life and death. I don't care HOW cold it is tomorrow–please get out and vote for Coakley!!!

  16. SCOTT BROWN, remember that name in the future! If you want to see how sore losers act by inflicting personal insults and stupid high school brat behavior, remember SCOTT BROWN! It's people like him that Jesus caught quite willing to toss stones. Yeah Scott, it's people like you that cause such a civil rights rebellion in the 60's. Did you throw tantrums when you were little so you could get your way? Throwing mud at people does not make a leader Scott. It only identifies you as a mud slinger. Nothing else.

  17. What "independent" voters? If they were truly indies, they wouldn't vote for the Democrats or Republicans, right!? They'd stear clear and think independently beyond the BS of the two-party system, right!? Ralph Nadar or Ron Paul or Cynthis Mckinny or a real Socialist would be the Pres now if people thought independently. Come on America, think beyond the box of the two troublesome parties and lets US change the map!

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