35 Killed, 56 Wounded in Qandahar Bombings

The Old Taliban of Mullah Omar hit Qandahar late Saturday with the largest coordinated bombing campaign since 2001, killing at least 35 persons and wounding 56. A spokesman said that the movement had targeted Qandahar on hearing the plans of Gen. Stanley McChrystal pledge that the US will mount a major campaign to clear Qandahar of the Taliban. He said they had showed that they could strike at will anywhere.

The governor of the province, Ahmad Wali Karzai (the brother of President Hamid Karzai), said that the attacks had targeted the prison, which houses many captured Taliban.

Aljazeera English reports on the Afghan Talibans’ plans for expansion:

Some observers in Pakistan believe that as most Taliban cells disassociate themselves from al-Qaeda, those that remain militant are bombing Lahore (and now Qandahar) as their ambitions turn local.

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2 Responses

  1. From the previous post:

    "Guerrilla movements win by winning hearts and minds over time and successfully positioning themselves as the true champions of national or communal interests. The Pakistani Taliban are just flailing around making themselves more and more hated,…"

    Surely this applies to this incident also?
    About 100 people affected (35 killed) now in Qandahar, so the Taliban can "show" something? Is this not a huge Taliban failure?
    I'm not asking rhetorical questions either, I really find this interesting.

  2. I would ask:

    (1) Who has lost more "hearts and minds" through killing Afghan and Pakistani civilians with high-casualty bomb blasts: the U.S. and its NATO allies, or the Taliban?

    (2) How many tens of billions of dollars per year does it cost the U.S. and its NATO allies to lose these hearts and minds because of their high-casualty bomb blasts?

    (3) How much "money" per year does it cost the Taliban to lose hearts and minds by killing Afghan and Pakistani civilians in their high-casualty bomb blasts?

    Thus a truly important question:

    (4) Who will go bankrupt first from losing more hearts and minds at a greater annual cost: the U.S. and its NATO allies, or the Taliban?

    With the answer too self-evident to require further elaboration, only one significan question now remains:

    (5) Who will leave Afghanistan and Pakistan first because of losing hearts and minds and national treasure through perpetrating "failed and flailing" bomb blasts: the U.S. and its NATO allies, or the Taliban?

    And to think that the dirt-poor Taliban have essentially done what the Vietnamese did to the U.S. and its allies without a fraction of the weaponry or super-power support that the Vietnamese had in support of their national independence struggle.

    Way to go, Lunatic Leviathan. You have managed to make goat-herders and poppy farmers in one of the world's poorest countries look like Mao Dze Dong and Ho Chi Minh — and at an even greater cost to Americans back home in America.

    The English language surely needs a new word capable of encompassing stupidity and incompetence on such a colossal scale.

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