Dayan Calls for Assassination of Erdogan via Sinking of his Proposed Aid Ship

The former deputy general Chief of Staff of the Israeli military has called for a proposed aid ship to Gaza from Turkey to be sunk by the Israeli navy. Since the Turkish prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, pledged to be aboard the proposed vessel, Uzi Dayan, the nephew of Moshe Dayan, was implicitly calling for the assassination of the Turkish prime minister.

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3 Responses

    • Israel has lost its way, it reverting to its own creation myth, i.e. the ruthlessly efficient killing maching that defeats the overwhelming numbers of Arab attackers. Except shooting nine unarmed aid workers doesn’t measure up to an existential threat, so Israel must kill again.

  1. Tribalism at it’s peak. “if you aren’t for my tribe, then I want you dead.” This is what will destroy Israel, as the crazies in Israel and the US still haven’t learned that there is “co” in “co-existence”. There is no more room in the world for tribalism anymore, as there is no other place for the displaced to migrate.

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