Jindal idles National Guardsmen He Demanded

CBS reports that after jumping up and down demanding Federal government resources for Louisiana to deal with the BP Gulf oil gusher, Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal has only put to work about 1,000 of the 6,000 national guardsman provided by the Pentagon in response.

CBS also has a video report:

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It is anyway ironic that Jindal is demanding Federal help. He has long preached small government and deregulation. Deregulation of Big Oil is what allowed the Deepwater Horizon disaster, and if we had a much small government then it could provide much less help to the Gulf coast states.

Why doesn’t Jindal ask Big Business to selflessly step in to clean up the beaches?

And, just when you started thinking that maybe the relief well will make the whole nightmare go away in August, Michael Klare at Tomdispatch.com steps up to predict a whole coming era of energy disasters.

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