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  1. Even the use of dispersant by BP should not change the fact well put by the environmental scientist Mestas-Nuñez:
    (Crude is made of different kinds of hydrocarbons, each with different properties. Those compounds separate as they disperse in gas form. In a sense they’re like Humpty Dumpty (or the oil spill itself): once they’re broken, they can’t be fixed again. “I would be very surprised if the atmosphere could recombine multiple hydrocarbons and convert them back from gas to liquid so that it could precipitate back to land as some sort of compound resembling the original crude oil from the Gulf of Mexico mixed with rainfall”) Mestas-Nuñez says.

    link to popularmechanics.com

  2. Could a local storm with a waterspout pick up oil at sea and deposit it on land? Then it might appear to be raining oil.

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