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  1. Yea, verily, these are the end times.

    I mean, death threats against an octopus? What’s next, an organized campign to outlaw cuttlefish?

    Oh, I get it, it’s the octopus’s fault. Let’s amputate all of his tentacles, making him a non-pus, just like my ex-wife. I digress.

  2. At least german politicians will spare the world now from their harebrained attemtps to exploit the championship for propaganda purposes. In no other country in the whole wide world did ‘leaders’ make such a fuss over the event. For weeks the german population was bombarded with ‘be happy, be proud’-articles from newspapers.

    The outrages chancelor even travelled to South-Africa and made sure she was on the screen all the time, cheering and hopping around childishly, while her crew decided to raise the costs for health-care like never before. And only for workers of course.

    Obviously the good-for-nothing politicians hoped that the population would be too drunk with cheering for soccer too even notice they are being robbed blind.

    With Germanies sobbering elimination from the championship, people will hopefully concentrate on the important stuff. Namely, to get ANGRY at their useless government.

    Sorry for this being completely off-topic :-)

    But there certainly is a connection between soccer and politics.

  3. Netherlands fans like me do not lose hope. Mani the parakeet predicted Holland. He has more international soccer psychic experience than Paul. This is Paul’s first non Germany game. Mani’s prediction is this Washington Post video. Go Holland!

    link to washingtonpost.com

  4. I call bs! On Paul being psychic that is. Is it just me or does he choose the right side box everytime?

  5. How Paul does it: In the choice between a flag with a red badge in the middle and a flag with no badge, he chooses the flag with the badge. In the choice between a flag with a yellow stripe and a flag without a yellow stripe (and no badge), he chooses the flag with the yellow stripe. In the choice between two flags with a yellow stripe, he chooses the flag that also has a red stripe (or two).

    What is really miraculous is that there seems to be a connection between the shape of the flag and the teams success in the World Cup.

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