Dear Climate Change Deniers

Dear Climate Change Deniers:

This summer,

Russia, a former icebox, is so hot that it is actually on fire.

A third of Pakistan is affected by massive flooding caused by especially hot tropical waters.

Parts of the Greenland ice shelf are plopping into the ocean.

That is all.

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14 Responses

  1. The first item is weather. Those of us who are convinced that this planet is overheating wer quick to point out that last winter’s snowstorms were weather, not climate, and that they did not serve as pointers to the state of the planet. We cannot have it both ways, claiming that cold weather doesn’t count but that hot weather does. Doing that weakens our argument rather than strengthing it, because it means we are willing to use false claims.

    I can’t say as to the second one, but what is falling from Greeland is from a glacier, not an ice shelf, and pieces of that glacier have been falling into the sea pretty much forever. This one is the largest ever recorded, and the glacier is moving at a much faster pace than ever recorded before. Those are evidence that the planet is heating up, but the mere face that pieces of the glacier (not “ice shelf”) are falling into the sea is not.

    When we use hyperbole and flase logic to promote or defend our cause we become as them. The cause does not need that. It can be defended with true facts and valif logic.

    • No, Sir! Those of us who are convinced that this planet is overheating never pointed out that last winter’s snowstorms were weather, not climate change related. Yes, last winter snow storms did serve as pointers to the state of the planet. We are not having it both ways and we are claiming that cold weather does count and that hot weather does too. Our argument is strong and we do not use false claims. All you have to do is to look for the answer because it is there, even though our scientists were not given the appropriate time on TV and papers and non in right wing media to explain it and spread it. Here is a simplified version that explains that last year snow storms were in fact related and caused by climate change which is supported by climate scientists. When the pacific ocean surface gets warmer which is the fact, this causes an increased volatility in weather patterns and cycles, whether it is extreme heat or cold. In other words the cause of these severe snow storms is that, the hotter the ocean surface is, the more moisture is in the air, and that in turn makes for a more severe snow storm and more frequent ones.

      • This sentence goes before ”in other words”to make it clearer. The oceanic surface getting warmer caused turbulence and more energy in the atmosphere effecting north american climate. The turbulence and moisture lead to a more severe snow storms.

  2. But Juan, we had a VERY cold winter this year too, so that proves that global warming is a farce.

  3. Yeah, Juan, wait until this winter and if Russia is having one of the coldest and stormiest ever, they will say “see, how could there be ‘global warming’!”. Unfortunately I believe this will be the new norm, even if we start to actually act now.

    Thank you Professor Cole for your continued speaking out on this!

    Just a note: It is true individual weather condition’s cannot be used as evidence for or against “anthropogenic climate change”, but the continued severity of extreme weather events, both hot and cold are expected in a warming world. Remember it is the global “average” temperature that is rising…


    David Trimmell

  4. link to

    1298: There was a wholesale death of animals. In the same year there was a drought, and the woods and peat bogs burnt.

    1364: Halfway through summer there was a complete smoke haze, the heat was dreadful, the forests, bogs and earth were burning, rivers dried up. The same thing happened the following year . . .

    1431: following a blotting out of the sky, and pillars of fire, there was a drought – “the earth and the bogs smouldered, there was no clear sky for 6 weeks, nobody saw the sun, fishes, animals and birds died of the smoke.

    (more of same edited out- ed.)

    • As a historian I have to say that this posting is deeply flawed as argument.

      The first couple of instances may well fall in the medieval warming period, which makes my case, not undermines it.

      There were fluctuations in the long ‘little ice age’ that followed, very roughly 1300-1850. After 1850 things began,on average, warming up.

      There have obviously being lots of forest fires in Russia’s history. The ones in summer of 2010 are only interesting if they are part of a pattern of the recent heating up of the planet, that is, if they are further evidence of climate change and not just a vagary of the weather. They are.

  5. Uh, on the record, Paris is burning. Figuratively speaking.

    The extremes we are seeing are just the warm-up to the
    main event, which will be crop failures due to inadequate
    soil moisture without irrigation we can’t pay for from
    aquifiers that are being depleted.

  6. At least we can take comfort in the knowledge that man-made global warming will eventually be brought to an end by the utter exhaustion of fossil fuels. Afterward, the remnant of mankind, reduced to a primitive post-industrial existence, can shiver through the next ice age.

  7. @ John and David: Not quiet so fast. Actually, the severity of this past winter is another indication of climate change, a la global warming. Global warming increases fluxuations in weather patterns to extremes on both sides. Thus, if the scientific data is accurate (and it’s appears overwhelming) more likely than not we could be in for increasing intensities of winters and summers. I, for one, plan to buy stock manufacturers of heating and air conditioning equipment, so I can purchase a winter home in Costa Rica and a summer cottage in, say, Patagonia. (Been to CR, looking forward to Patagonia…)

    • 1. Global mean temperatures for the early part of the year were not low at all, in fact, so far 2010 is the warmest year on record:
      link to

      2. Anomalous weather like the Russian heat wave or floods in Pakistan are expected as things heat up, so there is a point where one can say with confidence (i.e.; when 1000-year floods, heat waves, etc. are happening every few weeks) that this weather is caused by global warming. Here is a discussion re: the Russian heat wave:
      link to

  8. And the East Coast of the US has moved beyond the zone of habitation. Heat waves that have made this Summer practically unendurable are predicted by Stanford climate change investigators to be the new norm for the next 30 years.

  9. “Moreover, the reactor is being actively inspected by the International Atomic Energy Agency, which continues to certify that no nuclear fuel is being diverted by Iran to weapons purposes.”

    And the facts just do not seem to matter
    Before the invasion of Iraq I was in shock when a southeastern Ohio mother of 3 (me)could hear Scott Ritter on the Diane Rehm show, Ray McGovern and other former Cia middle east analyst questioning the vaildity of the pre war intelligence on Democracy Now, Talk of the Nation and a few other places before the invasion. Turn on the evening news and you would hear Wolfowitz, Rice, Cheney, Bolton, Kristol, Frum, Gaffney, Micheal Rubin etc etc repeating the false intelligence. The MSM talking heads would not challenge or go deep. Just rolled over

    Then El Baradei came out in early March of 2003 and said the Niger Documents were forgeries and bad ones at that. And the invasion moved forward. I was in shock.

    Millions of Americans marched against the invasion in New York, WAshington D.C. and across the nation with no effect. The MSM basically ignored us.

    Then immidiately after the invasion. Bascially the same group of people started repeating the unsubstantiated and inflammatory claims about Iran. Heard them repeated on Chris Matthews, This week (Stephanapoulous was host) Face the Nation (heard both McCain and Obama repeat some of these statements) John Bolton on Talk of the Nation, Bill Kristol and Krauthammer etc on Fox, heard quest on NPR’s Fresh Air with host Terry Gross not only allowing guest to repeat the debunked “Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map” hooey I heard Terry Gross repeat this statement numerous times herself along with repeating that Iran has a nuclear weapons program. I heard NPR’s host Neil Conan allow John Bolton nto get away with repeating these false statements. I have heard Rachel Maddow repeat “iran wants to wipe Israel off the map”

    No one challenged these unsubstantiated claims. NO ONE. Well until I heard Charlie Rose repeat some of these claims during an interview with Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett and Flynt corrected the stirred up Charlie Rose.

    The MSM host have not challenged these statements for over seven years. It is not surprising that over 50% of Americans believe that Iran all ready has a nuclear weapons program. It has endlessly been repeated with with very few challenges.

    The stage has been set.

    Wondering why those so called progressive host like Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Ed, Dylan Ratigan etc do not have Flynt or Hillary mann Leverett on. Or Professor Juan Cole on for another view on Iran. Seems like RAchel as well as other MSM host are promoting myths about Iran.

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