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  1. I was reading Ms. Kilkenny’s blog on this, and what’s so embarrassing is the path of logic for these conservative groups:

    Obama is evil.

    The 9-11 Terrorists were evil.

    The 9-11 Terrorists were Muslim.

    Obama is (probably from what I’ve heard) a closet Muslim.

    Therefore, any Muslims must be evil as Obama and the 9-11 Terrorists.

    It’s the reasoning of a 5 year old child, and the perfect excuse for “No, I’m not a racist – I just think that all Muslims (which are people who are brown) are bad (because Muslims believe bad things, ignore all the rotten parts of the Christian religion because like any good Christian I ignore those parts).” We’ve got them actually talking concentration camps (see the lady running for office in Florida) – and I can’t decide whether it makes me angry, or just makes me very, very sad that there are still people full of this much racist bile today.

    • Nobody is making, or has made this syllogism. The issue with the mosque next to Ground Zero is the same issue that has been raised with all issues regarding the rebuilding of Ground Zero. There has been plenty of controversy of all aspects of what should replace the towers. And since 3000 people were murdered by Islamic extremists, yes perhaps, it might be unseemly to build a mosque on that piece of property. If the purpose of the community center were to improve relations, perhaps they should be sensitive to that.

      • Yeah, which would only be a fair point if *Muslims* attacked the World Trade Center, not a fringe cult more or less created by the Reagan administration to kill Soviets in Afghanistan, or if Imam Feisal were not a Sufi of the sort typically massacred by al-Qaeda.

        I suppose you are against churches in Oklahoma City, too. Timothy McVeigh was a Catholic and sometimes attended Seventh-Day Adventist churches.

      • So when are you going to object to the US military base in Hiroshima? Or the destruction of Iraqi archeological sites and libraries by American Christians, where afterwards buildings were built over? The Meadow Massacre and the subsequent building there?

        The more you keep saying that it was Islamic extremists, thereby implying that that is what Islam is and Muslims are just like that, and keep saying that Muslims are not allowed to build anything there because they are Muslims and they did that, even though they had nothing to do with it, the more you show your bigotry.

  2. Is it “racism,” or just “otherism?” At least as far as the present nativist behaviors goes. I know, “racism” gets more sympathy for the dis-raced, and increases their Balance of Rights in the Big Bank of Culture, as against the “racists.” So it ain’t going to get a more accurate name, too much is riding on the way things are already limned.

    Trust only the people with the same hates and fears you do — in other words, your tribe. Arab and other Muslims I have known do not appear to be “brown”– maybe a little olive and pale yellow and with overtones of ochre, but then I’ m a Guy, and all colors are opaque to me. My WASP skin tones seem to be pink and yellow and maybe cream and add a dash of tan in the summer. “White” is the color of the upper skin of dead Caucasians in their coffins, which some folks of different eths apparently think we-all should maybe be. The people who are called “black,” simply aren’t, but a wonderful melange of all the brown shades, and gold, and ruddy, sometimes with a touch of blue. “Yellow” people aren’t, either.

    But there it is: we all have agreed to certain comfortable conventions in labeling and “branding” and self-versus-other identification. Forget about all that stuff that says human genetic material is pretty much mostly all the same — your “pure blood” can still be “corrupted” by “miscegenation” and “intermarriage.” Hey, it turns out Hitler apparently did have “Jewish blood” and “African blood” perking around in his odious veins. But don’t let facts get in the way of a good manipulative old tribal meme-o-trope, now.

  3. I for one hope the center gets built and gets named the Cordoba House. At first, I didn’t really care what got built where. But now that I have seen the pure hatred for people like me and that I am seen as no better than a bunch of murderers whose actions were denounced by the entire world, even by the greatest living Muslim authorities, I say build it and name it Cordoba House.

    I will not bow to racists, xenophobes, Islamophobes and bigots. Where were these people and their cries of “insensitivity” when the Muhammad cartoons were being posted all over the right wing blogosphere and forums? Then suddenly it was all about their freedom. And don’t say that people died on 9/11 and that the cartoons are totally different. They’re not, because throughout Muslims history, before the Muslims were attacked and killed en masse by Christians, the Christian propaganda always started with Prophet Muhammad and demeaning him.

    So go ahead Imam rauf. Build it and name it Cordoba House. You have the support of the rational and the sane and the victims of bigotry and oppression.

  4. As the father of a 9-year-old girl who loves Justin Bieber, I think the GZ Mosque hatred is infinitely more embarrassing.

  5. It seems assigning collective guilt to any group has become an acceptable argument in much of today’s American society. By that reasoning, for example, placing Roman Catholic institutions (or any Christian church) in the proximity of schools for children should be oposed.

  6. Tom, the site for the new Community Center (for use by everybody, including Christians and Jews), which includes a space where muslims can pray, is not on the Ground Zero site, nor is it “next to it”. Surely by now you have had a chance to see the aerial photo and the street-level walk-through video posted at the Huffington post. I am active in The New York Academy of Sciences, which IS “next to” (or across the alley from) “Ground Zero”, and from its headquarters on the 40th floor of the (redesigned & re-built) WTC-7 building I have often looked down into the pit (in which nothing much is happening). I also pass by or near the Cordoba site, among that neighborhood’s “Gentlemen’s clubs”, bars, betting parlor, fast-food shops, discount retail stores, etc.

    There are big-bucks financial institutions nearby (some much closer than Cordoba), whose operations probably cause more deaths of US citizens and others than the 9-11 attackers did.

    The purpose of Cordoba is primarily to improve relations among people of all faiths in NYC, and especially that neighborhood. Improving relations among people in the boondocks and backwoods might be a little beyond its reach.

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