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  1. If the Republicans are using the GZM issue for political gains, exactly what are their politics? Easy answer, regardless of Lincoln’s party affiliation, they are aligned with the dark but authentic American realities.

    The saintly, all knowing Founding -All men Are Created Equal -Fathers did not bequeath to future generations a communal DNA rich in altruism, fairness, honesty, empathy, and the notion of equality. If they had, 70 years of legal slavery – hiccup – 100 years of legal Jim Crow, the Indian Wars, and other unpleasantries would have been unlikely. But the Founding – minimize popular suffrage – Fathers were no more capable of doing so than any other group of leaders and politicians, in any other country, at any other time in history. And I doubt they intended to.

    So the Republican politics and philosophy are grounded in the real history of American behavior. And that real history does not offend a majority of Americans. The approximate 200,000 non-combatants deaths in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were music to our ears. The 350,000 sickness and malnutrition deaths caused by the 11 year sanctions on Iraq, never made the front page, way to unimportant.

    When it comes to religious bigotry, how dearly we always embraced it. Regardless of the Holocaust, antisemitism was in full bloom after WWII. Interestingly I remember a popular slogan that went “guns for the Arabs, sneakers for the Jews”. (I suppose one could read into that “finish the job”.) When the US Government says and acts as if Osama bin Ladin and his corp of cave dwellers intend to make the US a radical Muslim country, one must assume he can’t do it without the help of millions of Muslims, so every Muslim is a potential enemy, and bigotry against them is patriotic.

    I agree with what Keith Olbermann said , but the only way it could make a difference would be if President Obama said the same thing at prime time from the Oval Office. Without such a showing of courage (at least by Obama standards), I’m afraid this November will be “guns for the GOP, sneakers for the Dems”.

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