O’Donnell wonders why Monkeys aren’t still evolving into Humans

Bill Maher on his HBO television show Friday night played another clip of Christine O’Donnell, the Republican candidate for senator from Delaware, from the 1990s. In it, she denied the evolution of human beings from other forms of life. When Bill asked her to just look at a monkey, she refuted him by asking why monkeys are not still evolving into human beings. Another guest suggests to her that ‘it takes time.’

The practical implications of O’Donnell’s nonsense should not be lost sight of. Her anti-scientific way of thinking harms education in the biological sciences, and in turn harms the prospects of American leadership in biotechnology.

Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals not only have the potential of saving millions of lives and improving tens of millions of lives, but they are becoming a significant contributor to US economic growth. The sector has grown at a time when the rest of the economy is in crisis, and it will be key to global prominence in the rest of this century. If South Korea or France outstrip the US in this area, their citizens will grow wealthy and even more of ours will fall into poverty than already have.

I checked the Delaware Development Office web site, and was unsurprised to find that it touts biotech as a significant engine of the state’s economy, and is expected to grow as such.

O’Donnell and her like would, if sent to Washington, destroy that potential faster than you could sequence a gene. A dedication to ignorance and a demonization of science are a one-way ticket to being a poor, backward country of illiterate yahoos. In other words, candidates like O’Donnell are not just quirky potential senators. They are shapers of our future in their own image.

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16 Responses

  1. If she and her ilk take over Washington, the nation will break up. There’s no law guaranteeing that the nation will outlast the shared values that built it and led to its growth.

  2. “she refuted him by asking why monkeys are not still evolving into human beings.”

    For a writer as fine as you are, it surprises me that you’d have made this mistake.

    The word is “refudiated.” Get it right.

  3. I’m not sure I get the media and bogosphere’s fascination with Christine O’Donnell. You want me to vote against Carly Fiorina (which I’m going to do anyway) because a nutjob is running in Delaware? What does my California vote have to do with Delaware? What does a Delaware race have to do with me? Does O’Donnell’s behavior mean that Fiorina is crazy? She’s not crazy, she’s merely repulsive.

  4. “It takes time.”

    Maybe that’s the best hope for Planet Earth at this point — roll primate evolution back to the lemurs and hope for a better outcome in 10 million years or so.

  5. It’s basically her opinion… Medical based technology is something to be debated over. Overall, medicine has been, for the last ten years or so, a significant part of economic influx. This is something, she seems like, that she is not going to change her mind over.

    • The problem with the Tea Party/Christian extremist alliance is that they literally don’t think that the economy consists of anything other than what white Christian Red-State American conservatives are good at. In their universe, every failure of capitalism is shoved off on those Jewish-named bankers in evil New York, while its every accomplishment is due to “real” Americans in the heartland pimping McMansions and SUVs, as if it isn’t the unregulated success of the latter that leads to the rise of corporate oligopolies and financial speculation and market crashes and Depressions.

      This is also a characteristic of fascism. An artificial division is made between “good” capitalists – death merchants like Krupp and I. G. Farben, and “Jew” capitalists who use movies and banking to corrupt the warrior spirit of the white race. What are the policy implications of a capitalism that only asks the “real” citizens to arm up, steal resources from other races in other lands, and then preside over labor camps and sweatshops? It means that the real work done by Mexicans repairing our roads and building our homes, the people in China building all our consumer goods, the engineers in China and India who design everything from computers to DNA sequences, can all be denigrated, while implicitly our kind have a right to point nukes at all of them and demand that they keep bailing out our currency because we’re the guardians of free enterprise and thus deserve to make a living off of them.

  6. “A dedication to ignorance and a demonization of science are a one-way ticket to being a poor, backward country of illiterate yahoos.”

    Unfortunately this sentence describes about a quarter of the electorate which may illustrate why we are being outstripped by one country after another.

    Another eight years of republican or teabagger rule and our major industry may be whittling on the courthouse lawn.

    Bob Higgins

    • “whittling on the courthouse lawn”

      And that assumes anyone still knows how to whittle when youngsters have their scout pocket knives confiscated from them at the crack of a “zero tolerance” whip.

      • Oops, sorry Bruce, I forgot about the new legalities involved in the possession of a Barlow knife.

        Poor old Huck and Tom would, by now, be well into their second life sentence under zero tolerance and mandatory minimums.

        Thanks for the heads up.
        Bob Higgins

  7. O’Donnell wonders why Monkeys aren’t still evolving into Humans!
    Wrong question!
    The question should be:
    Why aren’t Monkeys devolving into Humans?
    Because they have more sense!

  8. O’Donnell and Angle are proof that Angry people don’t think clearly. Uninformed people don’t make the best decisions. When people are in bad economical straits they look for anyone who promises to lead them out. The people who are most motivated to vote are angry, disapprove of the economy, and are not well informed about their candidates and their politics.

    This same conditions lead to Hitler being elected into power in 1939. He told the voters who was to blame for their bad situation and that if they would vote for him he would return Germany to its former “greatness.”

    As a movement I am not against the tea party but if they best they can produce is Angle and O’Donnell then the rest of should stop listening.

  9. “When Bill asked her to just look at a monkey, she refuted him by asking why monkeys are not still evolving into human beings. Another guest suggests to her that ‘it takes time.’”

    The irony is that she made a monkey out of herself in a few short seconds.

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