Israeli Settler Runs over Protesting Palestinian Children

Aljazeera is reporting on an Israeli settler hit-and-run attack by automobile on two young Palestinian boys in Silwan protesting the expansion of Israeli settlements and theft of Palestinian land there. As horrible as the video is to watch– and one hopes the boys are not gravely injured– it is a remarkable simile for what the settlers are doing to the Palestinians.

For more see this report.

The Jerusalem Fund estimates that there have been on average 2 vehicular attacks per month on Palestinians by Israeli settlers in the Palestinian West Bank during the past year and a half.

Israel conquered and occupied the Palestinian West Bank in 1967 and since the early 1970s has been illegally settling Israeli citizens in this occupied territory. Large swathes of Palestinian land have been usurped, along with water and other resources, and Palestinians under foreign military rule have been left stateless, without citizenship or rights or a say over their own destinies.

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    • I watched the video on YouTube and almost wish I had not. Most of the comments are shockingly on the side of the driver, and the kids are spoken of as “sand niggers” and other dehumanizing terms. Israelis and their supporters are really a piece of work!

    • Oh My God,

      are these commenters real?

      Are they bots?

      What the hell is wrong with these people?

  1. Where I thought the Israeli government was responsible for the violence toward Palestinians, I think now that the government increasingly only reflects Israeli attitudes.

  2. After seeing the video again, it looks like I was wrong in thinking that the video had been edited to forward an agenda. The driver had no reason to hit the child, but I still wonder why the kids were standing in traffic.

  3. More about the Illegal Israeli settler who hit the Palestinian kid and drove away
    “The story begins with a right-wing Jewish settler organization called Elad, but also known as the Ir David Foundation, which for the past four years has exerted control over most of the holy city’s excavations. Led by David Be’eri, an ex-Israeli commando who used to disguise himself as an Arab for undercover missions in the Palestinian territories, Elad now has the backing of the Israeli Prime Minister’s office, the municipality, and the vaunted Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), which monitors all archaeological work in the country and which Elad helps finance. Elad’s own funding comes through unnamed private donors. (Israeli newspapers have reported that a few Russian-Jewish oligarchs, including Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich, attended a 2005 Elad fundraiser.) The organization’s aim is best expressed in a religious website’s 2007 interview with development director Doron Speilman. He gestures toward Silwan, an Arab neighborhood that spills down from the Mount of Olives, and says: “Our goal is to turn all this land you see behind you into Jewish hands.” (See pictures of 60 years of Israel.)

    Elad’s activities, in the views of its opponents, amounts to turning over Jerusalem’s archaeology to extremist Jewish settlers. That has alarmed many Israeli and international scholars, Palestinian officials, and human-rights advocates. On a political level, it complicates efforts by the White House to enable both Palestinians and Israelis to share Jerusalem as their respective capitals, a key demand of the Palestinians. For scholars, it sparks concerns about whether Elad can be independent and objective in its work. And for Jerusalemites it raises a fundamental question: What matters more, the stones and bones of antiquity, or the lives of the people who live on top of all that history?

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