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  1. Pretty sure this cartoon will never be favorably compared to the LBJ appendix scar/Vietnam cartoon, but I agree with the sentiment. And I thought Obama might actually try something different than endless war!

  2. Excellent informed comments here. In the light of more leaked documents from Wikileaks web site do you think the US approach to foreign policy will change much?

  3. lol it looks a little like Austria maybe or I guess it could be the US sans Florida on a skewed (maybe more realistic) looking map :)

    What really hit him on the lip was Michael Moore’s upper right hook on Bill Maher last week.

  4. I hope the previous commenters were joking. We hear such terrible things about geographic knowledge these days. And you left such a hint!

    • Also known in some quarters as “Notagainistan?” and “Justonemoretimeistan?” or “Nextistan?”…

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