Egyptian Official: Israelis Might be Behind attacks by Sharks, which seem to be Beasts of Prey

Even shark attacks in the Middle East get caught up in the Arab-Israeli conflict. The fifth victim of a shark attack this week at Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt’s Sinai, an elderly German woman, was killed this weekend.

The governor of southern Sinai, Muhammad Abd al-Fadil Shosha, said that it is not unlikely that the rumors that Israel’s intelligence service, Mossad, was releasing sharks into the waters around the Sharm El Sheikh resort in the Sinai on the Red Sea, in order to harm Egypt’s tourist industry. “It will take time to verify it,” he said. In the meantime, he noted, the strictest measures had been taken to halt swimming off the shore for 72 hours, after the death of a German swimmer. He also said that consultations were ongoing with scientists about how to deal with this sort of fish, which forensic investigation of its teeth had demonstrated to be a beast of prey. (I swear to God, that is what the Arabic article says he said!).

Shosha’s paranoia would be darkly humorous if it were not so tragic. He was soon corrected by an Egyptian marine biologist.

ITN has video:

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  1. Wow! I can’t believe so many people would believe such a crazy idea. I hope the marine biologist can talk sense into the media. wow.

  2. The Arab countries promote the crudest anti-Semitism including the Blood Libel (that Jews kidnap Arab children to use their blood in making Passover matzohs) and the claim that Jews control the world’s finances. With that kind of stuff going around and semi-officially sanctioned–even published in official media in some places–how surprising is it that Israel would be blamed for shark attacks?
    As long as repressive Arab governments use anti-Semitism to distract their population’s attention from how little the governments are doing for them, this kind of thing will continue.

    • Arabs are semites too! Being a semite isn’t exclusive to jews.

    • During the dark ages of Europe, (while it was Islam’s Golden Age) European Christians use to blame everything on Jews. Like the great plague of Europe was blamed on Jews and because of that entire communities of Jews were slaughtered and wiped out. Similarly, the majority of European Christians blamed several other things on European Jews over the period.
      As I see it, Muslims are in the dark ages at present; hence, the shark attacks has to be blamed on Jews.
      However, Israel has exposed itself a lot during the last war that brought un-proportionate death and destruction in Lebanon and the attack on humanitarian aid flotilla for Gaza, killing several unarmed civilians. This behavior of Israel has increased anti-Semitic feelings in Europe much more than few years ago.

  3. Well, first of all, I figure it’s a good thing that the Asian Beach Games (including swim n sail events) are being held near Muscat instead of over in the Red Sea.
    Second: Is it just possible that the lure for sharks over there these past weeks = end of eid; ships loaded with dead goat carcasses from … um … Saudi or the Emirates; and ships cannot make it to Africa to give away the meat to deserving folks before all that meat might spoil. So, the ships just dumped it all overboard. And, if this has been going on for a number of years, the sharks by now could be pretty savy — have been trained to look for this meat at this time of year here and there in the Red Sea?

  4. Juan,

    One of Egypt’s most recent and most popular soap operas was based on “Blood Libels” and the Egyptians can’t get enough of it. So following quote, taken from your link should be no surprise to anyone.

    “Mahmoud Hanafy, a professor of marine biology at the Suez Canal University, told Ahram Online that it is “sad,” that Egyptian national TV helped perpetuate the theory that the shark attacks, which resulted in one death and four serious injuries this week, may have been controlled by Israel.”

    It is not the view of a small town governor. It is the national view that the government helps shape. The economist rates Egypt 138th out of a possible 167 for being the least free society in the world. Saudi Arabia comes in dead last in this poll.

  5. Egypt is a client state of the United States and Israel, which is actively assisting Israel in keeping Palestinians imprisoned like caged animals with just enough food, water, and shelter to prevent them from dying. So I’m not so sure why this Egyptian governor would ever get this crazy idea into his head that Israel has dumped sharks, or in his words, “beasts of prey,” into the Red Sea in order to destroy Egypt’s tourist industry. But with Israel trying to expand its predatory reach in the Middle East, I don’t blame the Egyptians for being a bit paranoid these days.

    Here in America our beasts of prey are the sharks on Wall Street. And we still wouldn’t be so worried about them preying on our savings and investment portfolios had Congress and the White House passed a financial reform bill with some teeth to it!

  6. the lavon affair notwithstanding, if a water pipe breaks in cairo today, it’s likely that someone will accuse mossad…

  7. One more exhibit in the longest-running trial in history, likely leading to a ruling and judgment by Mother Nature that humans are a failed species, too smart to take care of themselves and too stupid to take care of the planet that nurtures them.

    Remember the ’80s wall poster, that picture from the Apollo capsule showing that telling view of Earth, “Behold the blue planet, steeped in its dreams,” with Michelangelo’s Hand of God from the Sistine ceiling, and the cartoon balloon from the right-hand border reading “Humans, you got 15 minutes to vacate the premises. I found a much better tenant”?

  8. It’s a shame when people come out with obviously ludicrous ‘theories’ like this, as it makes it easy to mock those who make credible allegations of Israeli involvement in other contexts.

  9. Such a clever propaganda gimmick by Egyptian Govt to deflect its citizens from wiki leaks revelations of how two-faced Arab leaders say one thing in public then say the opposite when consorting with US diplomats to undermine the interests of their own citizens.

  10. It’s painful seeing demonstrable ignorance like this getting paraded in the media. Such comments might just be getting trotted out for domestic consumption, but as Christina says, they will get used to degrade credible criticism on other issues.

  11. It’s a pity that Israel has earned itself such a bad reputation in Gaza and the West Bank that people would lend credence to such a theory.

    Just last week, Mossad was blowing up Iranian scientists in traffic.

  12. Dear Dr Cole,
    Could there be unannounced exercises in the area? There have been extensive manuvers in the past in the Gulf. link to High intensity, mid-frequency wave sonar activity (by the Navy) has been shown to cause damage and redirect whales, dolphins and sharks. Interesting judgement from an Hawaiian judge on the Navy from 2008. link to

  13. Well, couldn´t that be putting ideas in people´s heads.
    I found the tension between police and government protecting tourism on one side and … well, who exactly were they protecting us from? – on the other side almost palpable when I was visiting middle Egypt on an Archeology field trip in 2009. No chance to shoot people at Deir el Bahari ore on crusie ships on the nile any more?, well, throw some dead goats into the red sea offshore, it´ll do the trick in a much more subtle manner!

  14. So… someone points out Israel’s crimes and as usual the Israelis act like whinging fannies… and immediately send their shills to sites like (I’m assuming it’s not run by them in the first place… ha!) to spew some pro-Israeli garbabe. Which some you have mistaken for insightfull comments.

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