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  1. I wish everyone could see this. I also wish we Muslims could be as eloquent, but on further reflection, many Muslims are (such as Gary Miller) but for some odd reason ;-/ these people don’t seem to get air time. I would love to watch Jamal Badawi’s weekly broadcast on CNN, but alas… Perhaps those scholars’ agents are not doing their jobs (haha)

  2. Excellent. I would like to see her interviewed by Christiana on This Week. She certainly would never make it on any of the other political shows who stick to the rhetoric that all Islam is evil.

  3. Nice clip. Not that it is new material. But she presents it very well with a good emotive resonance.

  4. Thank you for sharing this talk. I was blown away by her rationality, humor and understanding. While I have never attempted to read the Q’uran, I am glad Ms. Hazleton has, and was so willing to share her impressions and opinions of the book. Thanks, Professor, and keep up the good work.

  5. I really enjoyed that video. Amazing speaker. Great to hear her perspective. Thank you

  6. Very interesting perspective. Her talk has motivated me to read and learn more about the Koran and make up my own mind rather than get second hand information filled with hate from biased media and moslem fundamentalists.

    All the best.

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