Taliban Strike Qunduz, Kabul, Kill 16

Taliban or other radicals showed Sunday that they could strike far from their strongholds in the south and east of Afghanistan. They hit the capital, Kabul, as well as the northern province of Qunduz. The radicals derive from the Pashtun ethnic group, which is a minority in both places.

Kunduz Districts

Qunduz Districts, Afghanistan

On Sunday morning in Afghanistan, two guerrillas in suicide bomb vests armed with machine guns and grenades attacked a military recruitment center in Qunduz City, capital of the northern Qunduz Province, killing 7 Afghanistan National Army troops and wounding 14 other persons. One suicide bomber detonated his payload while the other took up a position and pinned down troops and recruits with machine gun fire. The shooter had to be ferreted out by a coordinated assault, in the course of which troops were killed and wounded.

A little later, a similar attack was mounted in the capital of Kabul, the first signifia. The Afghan Islamic Press reports, as translated by the USG Open Source Center:

‘… five ANA officials were killed and the nine others injured in the attacks carried out by two Taleban suicide bombers on ANA soldiers in Kabul this morning, 19 December. The Afghan Defence Ministry announced in a statement that the two suicide bombers started firing at vehicles carrying Afghan Military Academy officers in the Hodkhel area of Kabul city this morning at around 0817 local time (0347 gmt) and then a suicide bomber blew himself up, killing five ANA officers and injuring nine others. . . the other suicide attacker was killed in firing by security forces. The Taleban claim 13 ANA soldiers had been killed and eight others wounded. ‘

Euronews has video

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2 Responses

  1. May Allah bless the ANA soldiers. They are the real hero. Pashtuns radicalized badly by their corrupted nationalist leaders. What can we do? Do we have to profile every Pashtuns living in Kabul or northern? Its hard. Pashtun Tribalism kills everyone. Even their own. The sad thing is that the educated Pashtuns are also ethnocentric. Helena Malikyaar a royal family Pashtun raised in the US stated in her recent article:”Pashtuns are not known to react quickly, but when they do, their reaction comes in the manner of Noah’s flood. Note the rise of the Taliban in 1994, which in great part was a reaction to Pashtuns being pushed to the corner and a result of the world abandoning an ethnically fragmented Afghanistan to its neighbors.”
    link to speroforum.com

    In this case, Taliban doesnt fight for Sharia Law. They fight for Pashtun supremacy.

  2. If these attacks were carried out by Pashtuns in areas that they are a minority how long will it be before Pashtuns are ethnically cleansed from some areas Afghanistan?
    That question is asked based on the assumption that the attacks in Qonduz did not have any passive support from any of the local population outside of some Pashtuns who live there.
    By the way that is of course a rhetorical question.

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