Top Ten Middle East Wikileaks Revelations so Far

1. The British government’s official inquiry into how it got involved in the Iraq War was deeply compromised by the government’s pledge to protect the Bush administration in the course of it.

2. Afghan President Hamid Karzai routinely pardons drug dealers and corrupt officials.

3. Karzai’s brother, Ahmad Wali, is called a corrupt drug dealer. He is chief of the provincial council of Qandahar and said to be more powerful than the province’s governor. A US official wrote, “While we must deal with AWK as the head of the Provincial Council, he is widely understood to be corrupt and a narcotics trafficker. End Note.”

4. The Boston Globe reports of Senator John Kerry that he urged the return of the Golan Heights to Syria in return for peace: “In the meeting last February with the emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Kerry said Syria should be involved simultaneously in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, saying Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “needs to compromise and work the return of the Golan Heights into a formula for peace,’’ according to the summary of Kerry’s remarks.”

5. Israeli General admits that Israel’s narrow focus on its qualitative military edge often conflicts with the global interests of the United States.

6. Former US-appointed interim prime minister of Iraq in 2004-early 2005, Iyad Allawi, is Alleged to have urged a US attack on Iran. He denies the report.

7. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak told the US to forget about democracy in Iraq and instead install a dictator (“the Iraqis are too tough.”) He also warned the US to stay in Iraq militarily, asserting that otherwise the Iranians would take over the country. Mubarak had vigorously opposed the US march to war against Iraq in 2002-2003.

8.The Israelis wanted military dictator Pervez Musharraf to remain in power.

9. Gen. Ashfaq Kayani, the current Pakistani chief of staff, allegedly considered making a coup in spring, 2009, when Nawaz Sharif was leading a popular movement in the streets to demand the reinstatement of the dismissed supreme court chief justice. Kayani considered moving against President Asaf Ali Zardari in case his weakness might allow Nawaz to return to power.

10. Aside from that occasion, Kayani, is said to have learned from dictator Gen. Musharraf not to try to rule directly. He is adept at staying behind the scenes but using other institutions to protect the interests of the military. He succeeded in foiling an American plan to put civilian politicians in control of the military. (Obviously, this French assessment of Kayani was made before, or in ignorance of, his having toyed with a coup in spring 2009).

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  1. The Western governments only fear Wikileaks because it fears internal dissent. Wikileaks is no harm to international relations, it is a threat to the confidence of a governments people. Shame on those who have lied to their constituents.

  2. …and the 11th top wikileaks revelation is that North Korea is providing Iran with missiles.

  3. According to Sadam’s post war interview with the FBI in Wikipedia he was trying to play a double game — provide enough disclosure to stave off the United States and the U.N. while presenting a plausible picture to Iran that he did have nuclear weapons. This was not a winning strategy. Only an utterly complete openness to investigation had a prayer of saving him and even that might not have worked. “Button, Button who has the bomb” is not a game that the world tolerates very well.

    So — Britain’s desire that the IAEA be a success may be merely a pretext for confronting Iran or it may be a demand that IAEA man up and obtain enough disclosure from Iran that the world can reasonably decide whether or not Iran has the clean nuclear bill of health they claim to have.

    • If “the world” refers to the people and not the ruling classes of the countries of Planet Earth, then I think that the world is much more afraid of, firstly, Israel and its nukes and, running a close second, the U.S. and its weapons of all kinds than it is afraid of Iran’s present or Saddam’s past possible nukes. In fact, as Guardian Middle East editor Ian Black wrote in WikiLeaks cables: Arab media hold back on revelations about their leaders

      It is true of course that Arab governments enjoy little popular support and that Arab public opinion tends to favour a strong Iran, even a nuclear-armed Iran, as a counterweight to Israel and to US hegemony.

    • How is the Wikileaks revelation that the Head of the IAEA is claimed to be “solidly in the U.S. court” going to affect the supposed impartiality of IAEA? Remember, the USA used its influence to remove the previous Head of the IAEA because, apparently, he just wasn’t “solidly in the US’court” and had a tendency towards impartiality.

  4. For me the wikileak greatest contribution is to show the mind set of our journalists and state of media in US. Their choice of the documents to publish would say a lot about their biases and inner working. Take for example this document:
    link to

    Head of Mossad is saying:
    “With regard to their nuclear program, Dagan said the Iranians are attempting to convey a “false presentation” that they have mastered the uranium enrichment process. The reality is that they are not there yet, said Dagan, and they are paying a heavy political price (sanctions) for something they have yet to achieve.”

    Would that be discussed in Fox news, CBS, CNN, or NPR? If not then what does that tell us about them?

  5. Here’s nother one. In the words of Noam C:
    One of the most interesting cables was a cable from the U.S. ambassador in Israel to Hillary Clinton, which described the attack on Gaza- which we should call the U.S./Israeli attack on Gaza- December 2008. It states correctly there had been a truce. It does not add that during the truce- which was really not observed by Israel- but during the truce, Hamas scrupulously observed it according to the Israeli government, not a single rocket was fired. That’s an omission. But then comes a straight line: it says that in December 2008, Hamas renewed rocket firing and therefore Israel had to attack in self-defense. Now, the ambassador surely is aware that there must be somebody in the American Embassy who reads the Israeli press- the mainstream Israeli press- in which case the embassy is surely aware that it is exactly the opposite: Hamas was calling for a renewal of the cease-fire. Israel considered the offer and rejected it, preferring to bomb rather than have security. Also omitted is that while Israel never observed the cease-fire- it maintained the siege in violation of the truce agreement- on November 4, the U.S. election 2008, the Israeli army invaded Gaza, killed half a dozen Hamas militants, which did lead to an exchange of fire in which all the casualties, as usual, were Palestinian. Then in December, Hamas- when the truce officially ended- Hamas called for renewing it. Israel refused, and the U.S. and Israel chose to launch the war. What the embassy reported is a gross falsification and a very significant one since- since it has to do the justification for the murderous attack- which means either the embassy hasn’t a clue to what is going on or else they’re lying outright.

    • Ahmadinejad is judged “crazy”’ the same way Aristide was judged crazy by imperialist mouthpieces almost 20 years ago when he was first overthrown by a U.S.-backed coup.

      Both of them suffer from a belief in a mythical supreme being but are otherwise quite sane.

  6. ” ‘Button, Button who has the bomb’ is not a game that the world tolerates very well.”

    This is lying to justify the crazed war on Iraq and the wish by the Israeli government for a crazed war on Iran.

  7. #1

    Israels head of security tells Americans he “doesn’t know” if Iran even has the capability to start producing nuclear weapons but admits the standard is: he doesn’t want them to ever have that “option”.

    That’s a very bizarre standard. I guess that’s why Israel murdered two smart college professors last week. It’s now fatally dangerous to be an Arab scientist.

    I hope America is thrilled with our ally.

  8. If you are Australian you can nominate Julian Assange for Companion to the Order of Australia with this form:

    link to

    I have no idea what to put for his address and phone, the wikileaks address is:
    Julian Assange
    BOX 4080
    Australia Post Office – University of Melbourne Branch
    Victoria 3052

    I think he would also qualify for being awarded membership in many scientific societies.

    Perhaps a silly thought, but beyond donating money it is all I can come up with to help him.

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