5 Year Old Child Heads Demo in Alexandria Egypt

5 Year Old Child Heads Million Strong Demo in Alexandria Egypt

He is chanting about freedom, the nation, the need for the regime of Hosni Mubarak to fall, and complaining about “American agents.”

I don’t think Mubarak has high ratings in the key demographic of the young. And neither will the US, if it goes on backing people like Omar Suleiman.

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10 Responses

  1. yes the empire owns sully-man, no change at all.
    if they- the Arab street – wins… a better world is possible.
    if they loose, hillary the clinton can get a better hair-do and
    quickly, merkel can go to the fat farm, and tony blair can
    be mabaraks donkey.

  2. The United States seems to forget that it survived its own revolution (and concomitant birth pangs) over two centuries ago, replacing the autocratic/aristocratic government of England with some crazy ideas about “We the People.” Cut to the present and the same country, fast losing the sheen and gloss on its own mythology, has gotten older and corrupt, having morphed into a warped, Fun House mirror of its former self. It has become a place where clinging to the past is woven in with an addiction to profits and global hegemony.

    Though one may mask our sober concerns as fealty to Israel, don’t be thrown: the worry here is about markets and who will continue to dominate them. Freedom and democratic participation is always a threat to business as usual. Egypt will face its own guns–will it kill itself or will it see a way out? I hope and trust that Egypt will endure!

  3. Incredible that the Obama Admin sends a negotiator and then immediately disowns what he says. Incredible both that an envoy would be so indiscreet as to state recommendations without checking in with the White House, and incredible that they would dispatch someone who doesn’t understand the basic requirements of diplomacy. A quote from Wikipedia: “Adding fuel to the furor over Wisner’s comments was the fact that after retirement from the diplomatic corps, he had been a highly placed official of a firm that has lobbied on behalf of the dictator, as well as serving on the board of the largest Egyptian bank.”

    Truly, we are ruled by idiots.

    • Yes we are ruled by idiots.
      To be a scientist you must have an education in science, to be a carpenter you have to know how to work with wood, in almost all careers, you have to know something of your chosen profession. To be a politician all you need is your dance card filled with lobbyists, and your head full of dreams of grandeur.

  4. More about Suleiman by Stephen Soldz:

    “Shortly after 9/11, Australian citizen Mamdouh Habib was captured by Pakistani security forces and, under US pressure, torture by Pakistanis. He was then rendered (with an Australian diplomats watching) by CIA operatives to Egypt, a not uncommon practice. In Egypt, Habib merited Suleiman’s personal attention. As related by Richard Neville, based on Habib’s memoir:

    Habib was interrogated by the country’s Intelligence Director, General Omar Suleiman…. Suleiman took a personal interest in anyone suspected of links with Al Qaeda. As Habib had visited Afghanistan shortly before 9/11, he was under suspicion. Habib was repeatedly zapped with high-voltage electricity, immersed in water up to his nostrils, beaten, his fingers were broken and he was hung from metal hooks.

    That treatment wasn’t enough for Suleiman, so:

    To loosen Habib’s tongue, Suleiman ordered a guard to murder a gruesomely shackled Turkistan prisoner in front of Habib – and he did, with a vicious karate kick.

    After Suleiman’s men extracted Habib’s confession, he was transferred back to US custody, where he eventually was imprisoned at Guantanamo. His “confession” was then used as evidence in his Guantanamo trial.”

    link to commondreams.org

  5. Can you even imagine such a specatcle (in the positive sense) in the U.S.? I am in awe of the Egyptian people. They listen to, and incorporate, the ideas of young people. Here in river city, we would denigrate and castigate any group with the audacity to allow young people to participate (dirty f’ing hippies). My kids are politically astute and aware of world events; but, aside from a few of their enlightened teachers, their awareness is met with derision or, more commonly, blank stares of incomprehension and disinterest.

    This video gives me great hope for the future of humanity.

  6. How many agents do you suppose that we actually do have working over there in Egypt? Are they running amongst the thugs who are beating up our reporters? Are they orchestrating a lot of that “conflict” down in Tahrir square?

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