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  1. I loved the way that Zoinist puppet’s jaw DROPPED when Abuhawa dropped the phrase “ethnically cleansing” :D
    allah yibaarik feek ya susan

  2. “Let’s see.. he’s a professor of History at U of M”

    No need to mention he’s lived and studied in Egypt or founded and is the head of Middle Eastern studies at that same U or that he speaks Arabic, etc.

    Not that I like argument by authority but they might have given Juan a little better intro just so people know where his opinion comes from.

  3. The Bolsheviks, a minority party to the end, did not inspire or lead the Russian Revolution, but they alone perceived its direction and survived it.

    Khomeini did not order the students to take over the US embassy, but he alone perceived the direction the revolutionary wave was heading in and rode it to power.

    Its not creators of a revolution that end up in power, rather the group that can perceive the direction its heading in.

  4. the newspaper headline in my city shouts ” egypt is free ”

    when was it enslaved ? when did it happen . and how ?
    and more importantly why didn’t anyone know it occurred

    do you not think the mubarak regime would have turned
    egypt into dubai if it could ? if ramses and amenhotep
    returned neither could solve egypt’s problems

    this is indeed a manufactured event by sinster foreign forces and the people of egypt are being used as pawns

  5. Too bad the host took his “prerogative” and jumped in — it was just getting good! You were well-spoken under pressure, what a treat. Thank you. I look forward to more.

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