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  1. If King will demand that extremist Zionists (American supporters of Israel’s occupation, settlement project, and siege of Gaza, all three illegal at international law and grotesque violations of Palestinian human rights) recant and speak against these atrocious Israeli practices, I will hear with favor his demands on American Muslims (who do not, by and large, support terrorism anywhere by anyone) to strengthen their voices within the general American cry against terrorism. Not until then.

    IRA is old hat. There are major, major illegalities going on today, and the acts of a few terrorists are the least of them.

  2. The IRA is better equated with the PLO. It has nothing much in common with Al Quaeda. People arguing otherwise to make King look bad are silly. Like it or not both the PLO and IRA had a mass constituency which was proven time and time again at the polls. And most actions targeted the military, the police apparatus, or informants.

    King’s remarks can be condemned on their own basis, not by drawing weak parallels. We get it, white people do bad things too. But whether or not King supported the IRA isn’t the crux of argument. Plenty of non-IRA folks also support these Muslim extremist hearings. Therefore, focus on condemning the hearings on their own merit.

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