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  1. The only reply needed — I feel an urge to watch Team America: World Police. Good day for the Pres, bad day for UBL. Domestically, we still need to work on the bureaucracy and security theater that has sprung up in the wake of 9/11 — DHS, TSA, getting manhandled for skipping back scatter machines — The goal of terrorism is to “instill terror”. While I don’t feel suck while travelling, I certainly feel the annoyance of all the shenanigans put in place in terrors name.

  2. I realized that after I wrote my post that i had some grammar errors so I wanted to fix my post. I really do thank you Professor Cole for posting this picture, I think it is very funny but I wonder what will happen to the birther movement, will it die out? or will the republicans keep using it as a tool for their Presidential campaign for 2012. I also wonder about the conspiracy theorists and what their reaction to Osama being killed is and will it hurt Obama in the future? The last thing i wanted to say is that I really do believe what Obama said it true, some justice has been served but as usual the world will keep turning and there might be some backlash. Again I do appreciate this post it is very funny and does warrant laughter. And just maybe people will give Obama some slack now since Osama has been killed.

  3. My view is, and I fully expect to be called an America hating, unpatriotic bastard, is that I’m glad Osama is dead, but how many 9/11’s worth of civilians have we killed in this so-called war on terror?

  4. Is Osama bin Laden really dead? In looking at Ben’s comment – speaking about Republicans – I am wondering: might the Democrats be using images like the one you posted here as a tool for their 2012 Presidential campaign? Do you believe Osama bin Laden has just now been killed or might this be a way to increase support for President Obama within the USA (and potentially outside of the USA)?

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