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  1. At the “Faith and Freedom” Conference in DC, Frank Gaffney and others are demonizing Islam and Muslims in a manner suggestive of clinical derangement. This at a time when the bad guys in the Muslim world are going down (the above and the Al Qaeda leadership), and ordinary Muslims are displaying extraordinary courage in fighting for the same values that we have. More courage than the Gaffneys, or Peter Kings would ever be capable of displaying.

  2. (Pardon the unedited previous draft)

    Dear Professor Cole

    Who shall we hold accountable at the International Crimiunal Court for firing on unarmed demonstrators at the border fence today and the subsequent murders?

    Some junior Lt as platoon commander or Netanyahu, Liebermann, Barak or one of the Generals?

    Maybe there is a nice warm cell waiting for Benny Gantz beside Mladic.

    link to bbc.co.uk

  3. Who are the gentlemen in back and, given that the number of democratic governments in that part of the world is small, when will Tunisia be visiting some of them, hopefully the right ones?

    My highly accurate NATO source, who has accurately presicted events in Libya including the non-stalemate at Brega (it’s like Truk for the WW2 Imperial Japanese Army, a trap) has opined that Assad will fall after the dictator of Belarus does, and that the dictator of Belarus has but a short time probably left in his rule.

    • the non-stalemate at Brega (it’s like Truk for the WW2 Imperial Japanese Army, a trap)

      “Nobody could have predicted” that the scope of territorial gains in the first few weeks of an east-west war along the coast of Libya wouldn’t actually be a reliable indicator of the conflict’s outcome.

  4. anyone who can look at that picture and see only “one more” person who should be separated from power is either politically- or mathematically-challenged.

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