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Tunisia:  A Gender Equality Manifesto

Tunisia: A Gender Equality Manifesto

Manifesto of the Under-Signed | Tunisia | - - During the 61st anniversary commemorating the enactment of the Personal Status Code, the Tunisian Head of State Beji Caïd Essebsi made two announcements…
Tunisians fight back

Tunisians fight back

By Christine Petré | Your Middle East | - - In an interview with Swedish radio I was asked if there is any support for these radical Islamist ideals among people in…

The Tunisian Achievement

By Juan Cole Fears that the historic vote on Sunday in Tunisia might be marred by violence committed by the country's tiny lunatic fringe were not borne out. The interim government of…
The Tunisian Exception

The Tunisian Exception

By L. Carl Brown What has made Tunisia's transition from authoritarian government, for all its ups and downs, more successful than those of its Arab neighbors? It will soon be four years…