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The Five Pillars of Iran: Poetry of Protest

The Five Pillars of Iran: Poetry of Protest

By Nassrine Azimi | (Informed Comment) | - - Hiroshima—Throughout the massive public demonstrations in 2009, Iranians protesting against the notorious government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were often airing their anger and frustration…

A Visit to Heaven and Hell: Galeano

By Eduardo Galeano | ( | - - [The following passages are excerpted from Hunter of Stories, the last book by Eduardo Galeano, who died in 2015. Thanks for its use…

Painting of the Day: “The Lovers” (Iran, 1630)

Riza-yi `Abbasi (d. 1635) | ( Metropolitan Museum) | - - The Lovers Artist: Painting by Riza-yi `Abbasi (Persian, ca. 1565–1635) Date: dated A.H. 1039/ A.D. 1630 Geography: Attributed to Iran, Isfahan…

Is breathtaking Iran your next Tourist Destination?

By Frud Bezhan | ( RFE/RL) | - - Stunning landscapes, famous hospitality, and numerous World Heritage sites. Iran’s potential as a holiday destination is vast, but foreign tourists have largely avoided…