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The Five Pillars of Iran: Poetry of Protest

The Five Pillars of Iran: Poetry of Protest

By Nassrine Azimi | (Informed Comment) | - - Hiroshima—Throughout the massive public demonstrations in 2009, Iranians protesting against the notorious government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were often airing their anger and frustration…

Saadi on Impatient Love (Poem of the Day)

By Muslih al-Din "Saadi" Mushrif ibn Abdullah Shirazi | Trans. Reynold A. Nicholson | - - The heart that loves with patience — a stone 'tis, not a heart; Nay, love and…

How Persian Literature shaped the culture of Iran and India

Sunil Sharma interviewed by Maryam Kamali | ( Iranian Medieval History) Sunil Sharma is the Associate Professor of Persianate and Comparative Literature at Boston University’s Department of Modern Languages and Comparative Literature…