Netanyahu a “Liar”: Sarkozy

French President Nicolas Sarkozy was recently overheard talking to President Obama and complaining that he couldn’t stand Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, whom he called a “liar.”

President Obama didn’t seem in a hurry to defend Bibi, who has in fact had a long history of prevaricating. His biggest lie? That he wants a “peace process” with the Palestinians. That is sort of like saying that shearers want a “peace process” with the sheep that they fleece.

Here is Netanyahu admitting that he deceived the United States by pretending to support the Oslo Peace Process but behind the scenes destroying it.

So, a liar.

In the conversation, Obama also pressured Sarkozy to stop the Palestinians from joining more United Nations organizations, since by a law passed by our crazy Congress at the behest of the Israel lobbies, the US has to withdraw from all organizations that recognize the Palestinian state.

Although Reuters seems to think that the Palestine Authority succumbed to this arm twisting, the reporting I’ve seen suggests that they will pursue membership in more agencies, which has the effect of isolating the US and Israel from key world bodies.

What is embarrassing is that Sarkozy clearly feels able to defy Netanyahu, but because of too much Big Money in US politics and because of the US lobby system (which gives undue power also to Cuban Americans to make US Cuba policy), Obama has “to work with him.”

And how shameful that Obama is working behind the scenes against the Palestinian bid for UNO recognition, which is one of their few legal and political options, given that negotiations with a known liar would be like sheep submitting to the shearer.

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  1. Sad to say, but if Sarkozy was a journalist he would be fired for his comment. (Helen Thomas)

    There is definate dissatisfaction with Netanyahu in this country. Case in point, over at HuffPost this story is being reported and almost all of the responders agree with Sarkozy.

  2. I would venture to say that the Israelis attempting to conduct “negotiations” with the Palestinians is like cows submitting to a butcher. Palestinians don’t even acknowledge that the Israelis exist, and the international community expects the Israelis to negotiate with Hamas, an organization organized on the premise of destroying Israel. At least shearers leave the sheep alive…

    • Are you serious dude? I think you have it backwards. Palestinians acknowledge that Israelis exist…it’s pretty difficult to ignore them when they are actively stealing your land and denying you basic human rights. It is the Israelis that effectively wiped Palestine off the map and continue to deny that it ever existed.

      You need to get with it, man.

    • “Palestinians don’t even acknowledge that the Israelis exist….”

      I look forward to your substantiation of that claim, as well as your condemnation of the likes of Joseph Farah (“Palestinian people do not exist”) and Larry Miller (“There are no Palestinians. It’s a made up word.”)

      link to
      link to

  3. Its always killed me how the agenda of the Israeli right….and the rest of Israel, to be honest…through their collective acquiescence, has been there for all to see.

    You have to give them credit for the dust they are able to throw-up in the way of cover. But even then, for a reasonably awake person, alarms go off when you see the sort of transparent snow job their minions deliver.

  4. Unfortunately Sarkozy is very proZionist and has already indicated that “France” (ie him) will not vote in the UNSC for Palestine, thus ensuring that there will not be nine votes and that “dear friend Barack” will not have to use his veto.

    • Yes, I agree…………………….politics today, GAG!!!

  5. It appears that Pres. Obama’s response to Sarkozy has been omitted – “You’re fed up, but I have to deal with him every day.”

    I predict that by implicitly agreeing with Sarkozy’s statement and failing to stand up for Netanyahoo, Pres. Obama will be made to pay politically by AIPAC and its media lapdogs.

  6. All politicians are liars, what’s the big deal? The only difference is that he is not a likeable person, at least in foreign eyes.

    There is absolutely no difference between all Israeli P.M’s in the last 20 years – they have all been selling the world a never-ending “peace process” (between an occupier and occupied no less, and mediated by the occupier’s supporter…) while at the same time expanding settlements and doing everything they can to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state.

    Good meaning people around the world were duped, and it’s time to admit it. Whether Netanyahu is replaced by some other more amicable Israeli P.M. will not make a difference whatsoever because the facts on the ground have already made a viable Palestinian state impossible. One just has to look at the map to understand that. The world should reject this Bantustan solution and start pushing for a one state and equality in all of historic Palestine. That is the only solution.

    • You seriously see no daylight between the positions of Yitzhak Rabin and Ariel Sharon?

  7. American Foreign Policy have been highjacked by AIPAC & a known liar Netanyahu.

    On one hand USA can go to wars to safe guard Israeli interest, on the other USA is so helpless that it cannot even Israel postponed to build illegal settlements on the occupied territories. On this subject, Netanyahu has put a dagger in the back of Obama more than once.

    One of the causes of America’s down fall will be the undue influence of AIPAC & Israel.

  8. I’m going to ask a really stupid question (I know it’s stupid you, don’t have to tell me): How have I not heard of that Netanyahu video before now? That is some pretty damning stuff. I mean, we all knew it’s content is true, actions speak louder than words, but to hear him be so candid about it is amazing.

    • In the United States, the media self-censors itself heavily. Anything critical of Israel is banned as being anti-semitic.

  9. Netanyahu claimed to be supporting the Oslo Peace Progress while undermining and destroying it in a secretive and underhand manner.

    How is that different from Obama claiming to be supporting statehood for Palestine while undermining and destroying it in a secretive and underhand manner right now?

  10. “a law passed by our crazy Congress at the behest of the Israel lobbies, the US has to withdraw from all organizations that recognize the Palestinian state”

    Did Obama sign this? If not, who did and when?

    • It was not Obama –
      The prohibition on U.S. funding of U.N. agencies that recognize a Palestinian state was included in two pieces of legislation that were signed into law by President George H.W. Bush in 1990 and President Bill Clinton in 1994.

      The 1990 law prohibits the appropriation of funds “for the United Nations or any specialized agency thereof which accords the Palestine Liberation Organization the same standing as a member state.”

      In 1994, Congress barred funding “any affiliated organization of the United Nations which grants full membership as a state to any organization or group that does not have the internationally recognized attributes of statehood.
      link to

  11. You seem to be claiming that a 3rd-tier, poverty-stricken agricultural state (as would be a Palestinian state) is a threat to a modern industrial country with dozens of nuclear weapons and a modern army? Sounds far-fetched.

  12. Juan, as one who has cared for (and shorn) sheep, let me point out that sheep don’t mind being shorn, especially in the spring if they live where the summers are hot. They are happy to share their wool annually, but they hate turning into lamb chops or mutton!

  13. Thanks for the link to the Netanyahu visit to the settlers’ home on YouTube.

    America should look with a discerning eye on the foreign and domestic policy pronouncements of Israel.

    The Oslo Accords were the tireless result of three statesmen who were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts. It is those like Netanyahu and his foreign minister Lieberman that have undermined the spirit and letter of those agreements.

    Israel needs better quality leadership and the U.S. more critical of its ally.

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