Pyramids Partially Closed in face of New Age “Threat”

The Egyptian Antiquities authority partially closed the Pyramids to foreign tourists on Friday, in an attempt to prevent Western New Age groups from holding rituals there. Egypt has been awash in rumors that the “Freemasons” or “the Jews” have designs on the Pyramids.

The brouhaha was kicked off because of Friday being 11/11/11, a number that some of the New Age congregations see as especially sacred.

In contrast, Egyptian nationalists see the Pyramids as a national symbol of past greatness, and they said they were determined to stop Western groups from appropriating that symbol.

The April 6 protest movement, famed for helping organize the Tahrir Square rallies last January and February that helped ease Hosni Mubarak out of power. So April 6 threatened to peacefully “Tahrir” any New Age forces that showed up.

As it happened, no great numbers of tourists showed up on the allegedly sacred day.

The minor conflict underlines the ongoing struggle between those who see themselves as upholding Egypt’s authentic past for national purposes, and those interested in the structures for the purposes of Western self-realization.

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6 Responses

  1. Are we supposed to be applauding here? Bog standard hysterical antisemitic slurs being given credence by April6 movement is hardly a step along the path to a new Egypt.

  2. I would think that our friends the Egyptians would want all of the tourism it could get. Word has it that tourism is way down in that country.? I was there almost 3 years ago (my how time goes by fast, seems like yesterday) & loved my my visit to Egypt & Jordan. The folks there were wonderful & warm. Would love to venture there again if they would have me. Plus the history & all of the relics there is absolutely intriguing.

  3. Just like 070707 these 11/11/11 folk have convienently forgotten that “20”.
    A jewish plot or just kind of more distracting nonsense?

    I certainly hope the Egyptians take great care of the pyramids. When given the opportunity to be stewards of the great Cahokian indian mounds, Americans built a Grandpa Pidgeon’s discount store on the 2nd largest mound ever built by Native Americans.

  4. “the Jews” have designs on the Pyramids.

    could be true….might even attempt an artisan’s lien.

  5. I thought it was supposed to be a New Age plot, not a Jewish plot. (Don’t New Agers have rights too? Maybe al-Azhar could be persuaded to declare them to be Sabeans.)

    Zahi Hawass, the former Antiquities Director of the Giza Plateau, was in bed with the Edgar Cayce people (who believe that records of Atlantis lay somewhere under the Sphinx). He briefly joined Mubarak’s cabinet, just in time to be on the losing side of the revolution. So I guess the new guys are sensitive about New Agers.

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