Israeli Mossad Agents allegedly Impersonated CIA in fostering Baluch Terrorism against Iran

Mark Perry reveals that Israeli Mossad intelligence operatives pretended to be American field officers when contacting members of the Baluch Jundullah terrorist group, presumably in Pakistan, and funding and encouraging Jundullah to blow up targets in Iran.

Among Jundullah operations was a July, 2010, bombing of a Shiite mosque in Zahedan in July of 2010– which killed 27 innocent civilians and injured 169. It was blamed by Shiite authorities on the United States.

The province of Sistan and Baluchistan in Iran is dominated by members of the Baluch ethnic minority, who are Sunni and speak a distinctive Indo-Iranian language, in addition to Persian. Zahedan, the capital, has a lot of Persian Shiites from elsewhere in Iran.

If the allegations are true, they indict the right wing Israeli government on several counts:

1. Of being involved in terrorist operations against civilians and,

2. Of falsely implicating the US government in those terrorist operations, shifting blame onto the CIA and also encouraging Iranian counter-attacks on Americans.

Just to be clear, it is too soon to absolve US agencies from any involvement in Jundullah. But apparently from what Perry says, that would have been very indirect, through third or fourth parties. Washington is annoyed that Mossad made it look direct, in hopes of provoking Iranian terrorism against the US and ginning up a war.

Israeli right wing governments have often been perfidious “allies.” Their political agent in the United States, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), has assiduously spied on America, garnering military, technological and trade secrets. The spying is so normal that when AIPAC fired the longtime head of its Mideast bureau, Steven Rosen, who had been caught passing classified Pentagon documents to the Israeli embassy, he sued AIPAC on the grounds that he was only acting as AIPAC operatives routinely did. That is, it was unfair to fire him for this offense, given the long history of domestic espionage conducted by that organization.

Likewise, the assassination by Mossad operatives in Dubai of alleged Hamas figure Mahmoud al-Mabhouh involved massive identity theft by Israeli agents of names, passports and other information of nationals from countries considered friendly to Israel such as Australia and the UK. 1) Identity theft is wrong. 2) Stealing another person’s identity to commit murder is wrong, both because murder is a crime and because the consequences of the murder would then fall on an innocent. 3) Israel was clearly attempting to deflect a) international blame and b) any Hamas retaliation onto the innocent citizens of countries that supported Israel. That’s about as sleazy as you can get.

In the peculiar American system of legalized bribery, AIPAC has bought most US congressmen by organizing thousands of Jewish and Christian Zionist groups to give money to Congressional campaigns. AIPAC ought to have to register as an agent of a foreign country, but is allowed to so function without any let or hindrance, by the FBI, which really ought to intervene here.

The hypocrisy is so thick you could drown in it. The Israel lobbies have managed to configure the Hizbullah party-militia of Lebanon as a “terrorist” organization, when Hizbullah’s major military operations were defensive, aimed at expelling occupying, aggressive Israeli troops from Lebanese territory on which they had unlawfully squatted.

But when Mossad (pretending to be Americans) buys Baluchi agents to blow up innocent worshippers in mosques in Zahedan, that is defined away as not terrorism. Not only will there be no consequences for Israel for endangering American lives by impersonating CIA field officers, but it won’t even be reported in most American news outlets that Israel may have done so.

[Earlier post mistaken; Jundullah recently designated terrorist organization.]

In fact, Israel will be rewarded for bad behavior be even more taxpayer money in “aid” (Israel’s per capita income is greater than some European countries and it doesn’t need any American taxpayer money as aid). And, far right wing and very pernicious Israeli demands such as the unilateral annexation of Jerusalem and gradual expulsion of its Palestinian inhabitants, have been obsequiously adopted by the Republican presidential candidates.

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  1. Jundullah was in fact designated a terrorist organization 2 years ago by the US

    • So then Israel should be designated as a state sponsor of terrorism.

      In fact, if the U.S aided Jundullah in the past, it should give itself the same designation.

  2. The more information like this gains traction in the MSM the more vulnerable anyone who dares to disseminate it becomes to retaliation. Israeli interests have no hesitation in punishing anyone who dares public criticism of their actions. Such critics run the risk of physical harm, or worse, in strange ways that defy explanation.

  3. It is my understanding that the Obama administration did designate Jundallah as a terrorist organization. See Flynt Leverett article on Race for Iran website.

  4. Juan, I am disappointed you have resorted to adopting the politically correct habit of blaming the “Israeli right”. These policies are not exclusive to the Israeli right. The Lavon Affair was not perpetrated by the Israeli right, the killing of scientists was not a policy initiated by the Israeli right. These are all policies that the Jewish State has followed since its founding.

    The reason they do it is simple: they know they have full immunity. The worst that can happen is a little diplomatic embarrassment (such as the Pollard case) but there are no political repercussions for Israel as a whole, much like in the most recent case in the murder of a Hamas operative in Dubai by Mossad agents using foreign passports.

    There is nothing linking the “Israeli right” specifically to any of these policies but rather a general M.O. pursued by all Israeli governments with a realist assessment of possible repercussions.

    • Let’s see. The Israeli Labor Party concluded the Oslo Accords with the PLO (which were then scuttled by Likud PMs B. Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon). The Labor Party ceased the occupation of Lebanon in 2000 (which began with a wacky Likud plot to invade and occupy parts of that country, which the Israeli Left massively protested). The Israeli Left opposes the colonization of the West Bank.

      The idea that there is no difference among Israelis is absurd, for anyone who has actually been there and interacted with people.

      • Both are correct. There are differences among Israelis, even significant ones between those that want to expel or mass murder all Arabs and do away even with Israel’s herrenvolk democracy, such as Avigdor Lieberman, and others like past Labor governments that are not up for these measures.

        But it is also true that the policy of slow expulsion, torture, intentional malnutrition, settlements, and Pinochet-style governance of the occupied territories are equally policies of every Israeli government since 1967. And as the Lavon Affair and the USS Liberty demonstrated, Israeli governments of every sort have agreed upon abusing the Americans whenever they feel like it.

      • Ehud Barak is leader of the Labor Party and Defenese Minister. He has presided over all recent heinous actions of the IDF including the attack on the Gaza aid flotilla.

        Now you can say that the Labor Party is no longer genuinely of the Left, which is why last year’s street protestors against massive inequality don’t hold any hope in elections. But by your standards, what % of Knesset members actually embrace a genuine peace process in accord with international law?

      • Let’s not forget, David ben Gurion was of the Labor party, and his determination to take over all of Palestine was quite clear. The 1949 Armistice Line was, for Ben Gurion, only a pause in the effort to occupy all of Palestine including most of Transjordan, and parts of Lebanon and Syria. The partition Resolution 181 was agreed to by the Zionists, lead by Ben Gurion, as only a way of gaining international legitimacy as a jewish state in Palestine. The ultimate border of this state was to be determined by the Jewish army, not by any legal document.

        After ten years of Labor dominanion of Israeli politics until the election of Lukud in 1977, Manachem Begin took office finding 50,000 Jewish settlers in the occupied territories – placed by Labor governments, of course. The determination to never give back the occupied territories was well entrenched at that time, expressed repeatedly by Golda Meir, and given a concrete preceedent by the action of expanding settlements.

        More settlers were added to the the occupied territories under Labor’s Ehud than undr his succesor, Benjamin natanyahu, during his forst term.

        It is a huge mistake to understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a peacemedal fashion.

        There is but one panaramic comprehensive grasp of the conflict that makes sence – the aim and function of Zionism is and always has been to destroy the Palestinians as a people and to create an exclusive state for jews on land previously occupied by Palestinians for hundreds, in not thousands, if years.

        • Ben gurion was willing to reach a secret agreement (well researched and understood by now)with King Abdulah of Transjordan to partition Palesine giving the king the West Bank in return for not having to engage the Jordanian Arab Legion. In fact, when they did engaged the Jordian army around Jerusalem, they were defeated.

          There was no holding back in the days leading to the ’67 War, a war for which the Israeli military had been preparing for several years. The Israeli government, under Labor, saw its opprotunity after provoking Syria into a conflict and being threatened by Nassar to launch a pre-emptive attack for the purpose of gaining land – the ‘Land of Israel’.

  5. How is it, again, that we consider Israel an “ally”?!? I’m going to send a copy and link of Mr Perry’s article to my Congressional delegation.

    • Compared to the Lavon affair? They tried to frame Egypt for bombings of US facilities, which would have led 1956 Americans to demand that Ike annihilate Egypt in a war, leaving him with a choice between causing the Iraq catastrophe 47 years early, or having a nuclear showdown with the Soviets over our right to do so. Even worse, the exposure of the plot triggered more pogroms of Jews from Arab countries, benefitting Israel, creating the constituency for the bloody Likud Party, and forming part of the Zionist smear campaign against the Arab world that has since poisoned the American mind.

      I don’t think this new crime is even as bad as shooting up the USS Liberty and trying to frame the Egyptians for that.

  6. From my Blog

    It’s rare to find a credible source for revealing clearly perfidious actions on the part of the far right Likud thugs in Israel and their American agents, AIPAC. Juan Cole is such a source. I don’t yet know who Mark Perry is (I will check him out), however, since he is credited with being Juan Cole’s source here it’s likely he is a reliable one.

    Likud and AIPAC are responsible for giving Israel a black eye in the minds of many Americans. What’s really disturbing is the lack of push back by any recent American administration, of either party, engendering tacit approval of these anti-American organizations. As Cole observes the GOPher presidential wannabees seem eager to kiss the asses of these guys.

    How long Lord, how long?


    • Not too long ago, I read somewhere, “America has 400 billionaires, and 200 hundred of them are Jewish”.

      • As Cole observes the GOPher presidential wannabees seem eager to kiss the asses of these guys.

      I would like to add here that most of the senators & congressmen have sold their soul to AIPAC, the Israel lobby. They give standing ovation to Netanyahu, under the pressure of the lobby while ignore their own American president.

      • “How long Lord, how long?

      Current situation is pathetic. Only God knows better, how long. I hope it’s not too long.

  7. Personally, I find present Israeli policy bizarre. It’s not going too far to describe it as Masadist, though with the aid of the world’s greatest power, the USA.

    I remember, some thirty years ago, when I was writing my doctorate, reading an academic article which argued that the Masada rebels were really liberal democrats. I don’t remember the reference, but it stuck in my mind. In the 1970s, that was what one said. Today one wouldn’t say that.

    Of course Israel holds its graduation ceremonies for the army on the summit of Masada, saying “Never again”. But the present policy is very similar. Go to extremes, and never mind the future.

  8. “Israel lobbies have managed to configure the Hizbullah party-militia of Lebanon as a “terrorist” organization, when Hizbullah’s major military operations were defensive, aimed at expelling occupying, aggressive Israeli troops from Lebanese territory on which they had unlawfully squatted.”

    Your ultimate conclusion may be correct, but the supporting inferences above confuse the issues. There is no contradiction between defensive ends and terrorist means. It is feasible to resort to terrorism to eject an occupation. Also, a defensive strategy can include offensive operations. And defensive operations can include small-scale offensive skirmishes. I am not saying any of those actions are right, nor am I disagreeing with the general thrust of your entire post. Just pointing this out.

  9. Looks like Israel is determined to regain the “Worst Ally” crown from Pakistan.

    They’ve definitely put some distance between themselves and third-place Saudi Arabia with this little stunt.

  10. Is this coming out now because the US is unhappy with Israel over the Iranian assassination, and is tired to getting blowback for Israeli actions?

  11. Give Israel’s elites credit; they figured out the Achilles’ Heel of American democracy. If you can obtain leverage in both parties at the same time, you are nearly unstoppable. It has long been the case that the big capitalist factions have always had a foot in both parties – one by membership, the other by rental. Israel almost fell into it by accident; Jews were a major faction in the faction-ridden Democratic Party, and then suddenly Christian Right freaks in the South transferred their allegiance to the GOP and to Israel. Since then Israel has moved far to the right, allowing Israeli-American dual citizens like the members of PNAC to serve simultaneously in the apparatus of the Likud and GOP, an extraordinary and unprecedented situation. Imagine if FDR’s staffers had also been in Churchill’s Political Action Committee during America’s closest legal alliance.

    What oil companies and foreign states can do, we ordinary Americans cannot. Only very big hypocrites can become driving forces in two competing political parties at the same time; it is a strategy to obfuscate, sabotage, and corrupt, not to unify citizens and act in their interest.

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