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  1. The question now is; are Americans going to continue electing people who can’t or won’t work in their (average American) interests?

  2. “Don’t know if we could get the consensus, but would sure like to try”, says a whole lot about what ills the country, indeed, the world, IMHO. Stepping out of the dark ages, to coin a few words from the past: “That will be the day” uh hum!

  3. There should be applied financial measures (punishments) for the people whose goal is to impose censorship over the Internet, for every unsuccessful attempt, else they will make regular comebacks with the same claims, only every time the claims will be formulated in a different way.

    • You are absolutely right that they will come back. Net Neutrality is the same thing all over again.

      But punishment will not be enough. We are dealing with institutions whose basic interests are pathological to society. One day, it will be their survival or ours.

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