Iran the Beautiful

Most Americans never see Iran on television, don’t know an Iranian, and speak of “striking Iran” entirely in the abstract. No one talks about the release of radioactivity and toxins on Iran as a result of a “strike.” Iran is depicted as a dreary, ugly theocratic dictatorship as though high politics were the only marker that matters.

Here’s a little slide show about the real Iran:

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20 Responses

  1. Very nice. The slide at 1:30 is a bridge, not the Chehel Sotoun Palace.

  2. Hey, no fair going against the Narrative! All that effort that’s going into de-humanizing the Enemy du Jour, and here we are having our noses rubbed in Real Stuff that might make us think again about turning loose that mercenary Mech Warrior army, that military monstrosity, that Tom Engelhardt does such a striking and futile job of “lighting up.”

  3. Such beautiful nature and architecture, Juan. Definitely on my list of places to travel. I imagine Iran is a fairly safe and affordable place to visit as well.


  4. A dictatorship is never the true country. Dictatorships fall along with other governments. Cultures and values are the true faces of countries. There’s a true Iran, there’s a true Korea, there was a true Russia during Soviet times.

  5. iran, fabulous land, light, history, people, food, art …

    america’s need for an enemy is constant, reflects badly on its self-confidence.

  6. Really a beautiful country but subdue by an ugly theocratic dictatorship…it’s not easy, I know, for the Iranian people to change (the supposed to be) their government…and walk toward prosperity…

    • One of our major political parties (that currently holds powerin the peoples’ House) is also hellbent to install a theocracy here. We need to be mindful of our own country.

  7. I have been to Iran a very few years ago and visited all these places in the video. It is an incredibly beautiful country full of treasures and the people are all friendly and welcoming. The thot of Israeli and US monsters carelessly bombing this country makes me cry. They are not a threat!

  8. Absolutely love it….what a beautiful country and to top it off the people are some of the most hospitable I have ever encountered….

  9. Reminds me of the movie of Earth As It Once Was that Sol Roth (Edward G. Robinson) got to watch as the poison he drank to complete his “assisted suicide” took effect… In the land of “Soylent Green.” “It was so beautiful!” Famous last words…

  10. Thanks, Juan; you’re right that most Americans have no idea what Iran “looks like.” Wonderful photographs!

  11. I am aware of the beauty that is and was in Iran/Persia. I also know that those who want to destroy it forget that the terrible theocracy in the government there (and in some ways what folks like Santorum would like to see here) is due to our stupidity in making it possible for the Shah to assume extreme dictatorial and evil power which let to the equally evil rebellion power.
    As for visiting, not likely in what years remain of my life. An American? A Jew? (albeit secular) – I would sooner visit Mississippi or Arizona and see what effect my speaking some Spanish and, although European ancestry white, my somewhat darker skin might have on him/her.

    • Slight correction
      I mean if stopped by a highway patrol officer in AZ. Or that sweetheart Sherrif.,

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