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  1. i’m greatly enjoying your translations, after not, since adolescence, finding Khayyam appealing.

  2. This would be my response Juan:

    That priceless ruby
    is from our mine,
    and that unique pearl
    in our shop

    Thinking about this and that
    is not just your imagination, or mine

    The story of passionate love
    is our very tale, us, now

  3. Mirroring what Omar Khayyam says, this other Persian poem, by Rumi talks about why we ALL need to work together in these dark times for our imperiled planet, in “compassionate action,” thus living “the story of passionate love” (if we are awake enough); please see: link to payvand.com

    The Far Mosque

    The place that Solomon made to worship in,

    called the Far Mosque,

    is not built of earth and water and stone,

    but of intention and wisdom

    and mystical conversation

    and compassionate action.

    Every part of it is intelligence

    and responsive to every other.

    The carpet bows to the broom.

    The door knocker and the door

    swing together, like musicians.

    This heart sanctuary DOES exist,

    but it can’t be described.

    Why try!?

    (Rumi, via “translation” by Coleman Barks)

  4. Whether Apple’s iPhone is it or Samsung’s Galaxy is it, these are vain imaginations and only words in English(perhaps Persian.) The story of passionate love is in language of actions and doings.

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