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    • Yep. Muslims believe in Jesus, and know some of the Gospel stories about him. This reference likely concerns the story of Lazarus.

      • It’s a convention of classic Persian poetry that ‘Jesus’ and ‘breath’ always go together. An example from Hafez:

        ساقی بیا که یار ز رخ پرده برگرفت
        کار چراغ خلوتیان باز درگرفت

        بار غمی که خاطر ما خسته کرده بود
        عیسی دمی خدا بفرستاد و برگرفت

        Come barkeep for our love’s unveiled the face
        and resumed the post of the secluded’s lamp

        That burden of sorrow which wearied our mind
        A Jesus-breath God sent and it was uplifted

  1. Khayyam got it . The essence of all religion is to allow us to live a connected life in our own time. In this way his poetry points the way to immortality: “twigs of immortality” grow out of this mortal mass. Hark.

    Jesus, as do Abraham and Jacob et al, occupy a central ethos of the Muslims. How this centrality plays out in politics is complicated by a variety of factors, but nevertheless important to remember.

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