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  1. Geraldo…”I feel parents must do whatever they can to keep their children safe.”

    Wow! Now I understand that your statement blaming the murder victim for his own murder is really helping parents…to be better parents.

    Sounds about right for a Fox News analyst.

  2. American capital offense: walking while too black.

    Little known American history – when Reagan came to power, his officials investigated the idea of creating a backup national militia. It seems they were so sure they might have to tie up the National Guard crushing black rebellion in the big cities (what with their racist policies), that they wanted a volunteer militia able to fill in. Meaning, to point guns at minorities in all the other towns. So they sent people to cruise gun shows to poll the attendees about their interest in joining a hypothetical militia.

    The Administration gave up on the project, but it did not die. Its spaces at the gun shows were replaced by real, private militia recruiters. The paranoia behind it seeped into all the media, giving us the neighborhood watch program and plenty of consumer $ for gun magazines spouting extremist agendas.

    Where is the convergence between militias and neighborhood watch groups? Or perhaps I should ask, what will happen when there are black neighborhood watches bumping up against turf lines with white neighborhood watches?

  3. I find this funny in a way because I do not like hoodies [I never use the hood and it just feels wrong] but I do like good sweatshirts. Do you know how hard it is to find a good sweatshirt? There must be ten hoodies for every sweatshirt in any casual clothing store.

    By the way, does anyone care about Geraldo anymore? I thought so.

  4. Really? Geraldo Revera?? This is news? Why are we even talking about this person? This guy is a nobody from nowhere who has done nothing. Are there really people out there who pay attention to this guy?

  5. Geraldo is an idiot. If it weren’t a hoodie, it would be something else. Saggy pants, dreads, afros, gold chains, whatever happens to be in style. The danger does not come from a piece of your clothing, it comes from the color of your skin. You can’t change that. So, what are parents supposed to tell their adolescent sons? Don’t be black?

      • Yes Jane! As in virtually every other case involving senseless shootings, the discussion is about “hoodies” and “neighborhood watch” and all sorts of other things to shift our attention from the fact that there are just too many damn guns being carried and used in the American public.

        The purpose of the 2nd amendment was the equip and arm a public militia if one were needed. It was not intended to have people ‘carrying’ every day and becoming their own judge, jury and executioner on neighborhood watches because a boy happens to be WWB (walking while black).

  6. O tempora, O mores. There was a time that wearing dungarees was enough to give somebody a bad reputation. Does everybody listening to Rivera understand that he gets paid large amounts of money to analyze news events?

  7. RE: “Geraldo wears the Hoodies he Blames for Shooting” ~ Juan Cole

    MY SNARK: Yeah, but Geraldo wears expensive designer hoodies. That’s entirely different! Apples and oranges! Yada, yada, yada!

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