Israel to Demolish Solar Energy panels for Palestinians

The Israeli Occupation authorities are planning to demolish renewable energy installations in Palestinian villages in the Occupied West Bank. The projects were installed by an Israeli NGO, ME Comet, and paid for by German aid.

Although the Israeli government of PM Binyamin Netanyahu says the projects must be torn down because they have no permit, one shouldn’t have to have a permit to have electricity. Moreover, the government deliberately does not give Palestinians building permits, because it wants them to emigrate. The Guardian writes:

“According to figures from the civil administration quoted by the pressure group Peace Now, 91 permits were issued for Palestinian construction in Area C between 2001 and 2007. In the same period, more than 10,000 Israeli settlement units were built and1,663 Palestinian structures demolished.”

Many of the world’s poorest people, 1.6 billion, are are turning to solar to power batteries that recharge cell phones and power lights at night, and this path is cheaper for them than paying for kerosene/ paraffin.

Palestinians, who are kept as stateless chattel by Israelis that hope to drive them out of their homes, deserve simple amenities like electricity. As long as the Occupation continues, however, they won’t get treated like human beings. They will be treated like pests and rodents, with faceless bureaucrats exemplifying Arendt’s ‘banality of evil,’ and plotting out ways to expel them and steal their land and water.

This ongoing crime against humanity committed by Netanyahu is the real reason he wants to divert world attention from his vicious policies toward helpless Palestinians toward conflict with Iran.

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16 Responses

    • Hey, looking back over the years, it seems to me they’re getting away with it…..

      A cynical attitude seem be underlying things: the world won’t notice because they’re distracted by the “Iranian Crises,” they’ll forget because it doesn’t directly affect them, or they won’t hear about it in the first place.

      The truth-tellers themselves can be drowned-out by the PR machine (a bit different than spin management), or they can be intimated/neutralized through more active means (eg, Campus Watch).

  1. Oddly, Google finds me a link to a WaPo story “Dispute over German-funded solar energy for Palestinians” – which is no longer on the paper’s website. Was this a correction because the facts of the story were simply too one-sided?

  2. What a waste. How discouraging if this is the route they choose to follow.
    When will the US pay attention to this situation of humanitarian abuse?–that the USA is directly funding.

    Here’s what the group is doing to help.
    link to

  3. Please do not single out Netanyahu. This policy of strangulation and de-development has been in place for a very long time, in fact since 1967. Israel’s aim is to depopulate Area C of the West Bank of Palestinians as they want to corral them into tiny disconnected bantustans on about 8% of historic Palestine.

    Yes, evil does not always come in the form of bombings that make the news, yet this beaurocratic strangulation and ethnic cleansing is no less evil than any of Israel’s other forms of oppression.

    I am sure you have read Disappearing Palestine by Jonathan Cook, where he lists all the methods of dispossession and how it is part of the bigger picture of the Zionist project in Palestine.

  4. Yet another example of the real “existential threat” to Israel’s future (hint: and it’s not Iran)
    link to

    For all the Israeli leadership’s lip service to the idea of a two state solution, it seems that everyday, they find new ways to make this an impossibility. And, as a result, I figure that at some point within the next 20-25 years, there won’t be a Jewish state in the Middle East anymore.

  5. Ladies from my parish in the diocese of San Francisco, recently voted the Episcopal church not to support Palestinian issues despite the obvious injustices, the church’s support of ecology, and Bishop Riah’s pleas for help. The Israeli publicity system is very effective.

  6. This, along with many, many other pieces of evidence, gets at Israel’s intentions to negotiate in good faith with the Palestinians. This sort of evidence has been abundant and consistent since the 1967 war. It’s beyond me how smart and sincere people, who are apparently considered authorities in this area, simply cannot bring themselves to see or acknowledge what’s going on, and it is telling when you notice how tortuous their language becomes when they begin to rationalize/apologize for Israel.

    • But is the “Occupied West Bank” really part of Israel? And, if it IS part of Israel and the Israeli government can enforce zoning regulations, then the folks living there must be Israelis (albeit of Arab descent and Christian or Moslem faith). And thus, being Israelis, they ought to have rights and be able to vote.

      Otherwise, Israel has no right to decide when permits are required.

    • And if you really believe that is the same situation as depicted in the article then I’m probably wasting my time trying to explain otherwise. That said, lets give it one more try.
      The US and Israel are both sovereign nations, they have laws and regulations about what is permissible which may include regulation over the installation of solar panels . If a citizen if either of those sovereign nations where to ( in this case) install solar panels without a permit then the authorities would be within their power to remove them.
      Area C in the West Bank however is NOT in Israel – it is NOT part of Israels sovereign territory …and that is where your parallel falls down.

    • @Procurante, permits for solar panels are not withheld in the US for purposes of ethnic cleansing like they are in occupied Palestine.

  7. It could be worse. The Israeli government could take a page from the Serb playbook and have all all Palestinian men and boys shot. Instead they choose to exercise a softer and more humane form of ethnic cleansing, of which this is clearly another example. Regardless, a nation built on such policies will not have much moral standing in the world. I do note however that the projects were installed by an Israeli NGO.

  8. Is this any more inane than the U.S. withdrawal from UNESCO.

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