Israel’s Atom Bomb Factory in 3D

An Israeli news magazine reported in 3D animation on Israel’s Dimona nuclear facility, which produces enough plutonium every year to make another 10 nuclear weapons (Israel is thought to have 400 atom bombs, among the biggest stockpiles in the world). The report is based on the information given by nuclear whistle-blower Mordechai Vanunu, treated by Israel rather as Bradley Manning has been treated by the US.

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see instead this report at Aljazeera English:

Iranians, who only have a civilian nuclear enrichment program to make fuel for reactors, are puzzled as to why Israel gets to have 400 nuclear weapons, but Iran is not allowed to have electricity generated by reactors.

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  1. Such a double standard. Israel refuses to sign the Non Proliferation Treaty. While Iraq, Iran signed. Israel demands that their neighbors abide by the signed treaties while they snub the treaty. Absurd…and the whole world sees the double standard. The last President to demand that Israel open up Dimona to international inspections was President Kennedy.

    Mordechai is a hero

  2. There has always been a question as to why Israel has nuclear weapons.

    We know for fact, that Israel without financial help from US wont be a viable state. We also know that Israel has special alliance where its security is guaranteed by US. There is no illusion in the middle east that any even conventional challenge to Israel is going to get a response from US.

    It seems to me that the only reason Israel has nuclear weapons is that it hopes to use it against US interest in the middle east. It seems to believe that US interest and its interest may diverge at some point, it wants to be able to in a way threaten or blackmail US to choose the Israeli side.

    The conflict with Iran seems to be their test case for how to force US into positions that are clearly against its interest.

    • “There is no illusion in the middle east that any even conventional challenge to Israel is going to get a response from US.”

      What is your evidence that a “conventional challenge” to Israel will get a “response from the U.S.”? The U.S. has never intervened militarily in response to conventional challenges to Israel. Of course, the U.S., the former Soviet Union, Britain, France, and others have used diplomacy to dampen down conflicts. But your post clearly suggests that the U.S. response would be in the form of military support.

      The U.S. certainly did not intervene in 1948 when five Arab countries attacked Israel. In 1956, when Israel, Britain, and France attacked Egypt over the Suez Canal, President Eisenhower condemned all three for their aggression. The U.S. did not intervene in the 1967 “Six-Day War.” In 1973, the U.S. did not intervene militarily when Egypt attacked Israel.

      A “U.S. response” indeed. To date, it has not happened, and there is no reason to believe it will as a result of any future conventional challenge to Israel.

      • Not to do that burden of persuasion thing again, but in light of long-running intelligence support, something like a trillion dollars in direct and indirect arms transfer to the IDF, many black ops missions on behalf of the Board of Directors in Israel, several little deals like the Iran-Iraq War that “we” had nothing to do with, right, or any of those other “Gulf wars” that were not in aid of the Israeli position in the world, is it so inaccruate to state that “we” have provided “military support?”

        And probable cooperation by some part of “our” state security apparatus in providing the seed corn for the Israeli nuke program? “We” don’t give them mines and cluster bombs and Willy Peter (white phosphorus) and now “bunker-busters” and such, now do we?

        And of course when “we” have dared to even try to peek behind the curtains the IDF pulls around its nastiest little excesses, “we” get events like the shooting-up and near-sinking of the USS Liberty, and further thanks in the form of ongoing, deep espionage into all “our” plans and activities and secrets by the likes of “Let Him Go Now! He’s a Hero!” Jonathan Pollard.

        And what has Obama been saying about backing Likud/Israel’s Iran play (if it’s not completely off the wall)? Or maybe, “Nothing is off the table,” going first?

  3. Why would Israel possibly think it needs 400 nuclear weapons? Is it considering war with Russia or the US? Really, this is a preposterous attitude for them to take, at a time when the rest of the world is calling for nuclear disarmament or ongoing reductions in warheads as a goal.

    • Well, when the US does Israel’s bidding and provokes war with Iran, and the price of crude doubles overnight, and the dollar collapses, and Israel needs money, they could always sell their nuclear weapons to the highest bidder.

    • it considering war with Russia or the US?

      Thanks I like that call, the other problem is the Amerikan tax payer pays for the up keep.

      Thanks Cyrus

  4. I would like to see Iran offer unlimited monitoring of their nuclear program by the IAEA in exchange for Israel ridding itself of nuclear weapons. In the spirit of a non-nuclear mid-east! It would be interesting to see Israel and the US react to such an offer.

  5. In fact, no one knows how many nuclear weapons Israel has. In any case, the purpose is to have second strike capability, which is crucial to a credible deterrent. Another important point: no one actually disagrees that Iran can have nuclear energy. What no one wants is Iran with nuclear weapons. And, finally, most reasonable people feel much more comfortable with a democratic nation have nuclear weapons, than with a country with an authoritarian regime (with few checks and balances) that is known to fund terrorists (particularly, terrorists who are sworn enemies of Israel and whose publicly stated goal it is to wipe it off the map).

    So, I am puzzled why anyone is puzzled.

    • forgetting for a moment how truly democratic Israel is, double puzzled has failed to note that China, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia (as per our media) are hardly paragons of democracy!! In addition, Eugene, you have repeated a number of erroneous claims in your last sentence of the second last para.

    • Yet everything Iran does to get nuclear energy is trumpeted as proof of a weapons program.

      America sure didn’t act that way when it covered up South Africa’s nuclear program and Pakistan’s nuclear program. Are those the sort of democracies you’re comfortable with? As long as they were anti-Soviet.

  6. Got into a discussion with DoD guy who argues Israel only has, I think it was, 20 weapons, because that’e the number of good targets they could come up with. Great logic, that’s typical from a certain type of analyst.

    Using known rates of production thrown-off from Dimona is how that 400 figure was arrived at.

    When Vanunu made his splash to the Sunday Times of London, some of his pictures were assessed by experts to be advanced thermonuclear (multistage) designs (ie, Hydrogen, or “supers”, the true civilization killers). Garden variety tactical nukes tend to get a bad/overblown rape, such as those used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I could be wrong, but I believe a number of those fielded by US military for tactical use are even smaller, because with size they quickly become to big to “handle” in a battlefield setting: too much of big, crude, sledgehammer.

    But these things Israel has been building goes to another respondent’s underlying question: Just WHAT are these guys really up to???? (and my question: who is the REAL national security threat to the US???)

  7. The Palestinians’ time will come. Eventually, after the Palestinian people achieve some sort of justice, their suffering at the hands of Israelis can be catapulted into a moral force and lobby. Then they, too could find themselves exempt from the rules that other nations are governed by, like the NPT.

    I apologize if I’ve inadvertently triggered “Godwin’s Law.”

  8. When does it become apparent that there’s a set of humans whose motives and actions, conscious or not, threaten every one of the rest of us? That they share a deadly symbiosis with each other, behind the fogs of “patriotic drivel?” That these critters are “embedded” in every political division on the planet? That their ruling passions and pleasures are the power that comes from destruction and force? (Henry Kissinger said it right out loud: “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.”)

    The MIC-political-religious “thing” is a planet-wide entity addicted to perfecting the lethality of every kind of technology, from poison-pissing nano-ants to Stealth everything to planet-busting thermonukes. On the ground that “those guys over there are possibly thinking about maybe doing it first, and No More Pearl Harbors!” and “WE are sent by G_D to WIN IT ALL, or blow up and burn down the house!” All being paid for by parasitic, cancerous, daily-increasing theft from the ‘ordinary civilian economy’ created and maintained by the rest of us. Dimona is the perfect poster child for the reality.

    Yeah, at the lower fractal levels it’s more complicated and inter-related than that, for sure (consider all the US startups fighting viciously and inventively over slices of the War Department ‘budget’ (sic)), but the big pattern seems absolutely clear.

    Wishful thinking, but it seems to me that “we, humanity,” needs maybe some surgery, an immune system boost, and a good worming, to get rid of all the growing, malignant, pathological bits that are killing our grandchildren and theirs before they are even born.

  9. Israel’s atomic capability is number one issue in the world. Ignoring it is equivalent to ignoring a mad man with a fully loaded machine gun.

    • And maybe that Nel comes close to the real explanation of why Israel has 400 nukes and also explains why such a little place has such a disproportionate amount of clout?
      Its not as though we haven’t all been told ,’never again’ – a mad man with 400 nukes might make a few governments decide there are worse options.

  10. The video above cannot be played; I saw it on the first day and than it magically disappeared… How curious!!

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