Medvedev slams Romney for “Number one Enemy” Slur

Below, the USG Open Source Center translates an article from Russian about President Dmitry Medvedev’s reaction to Mitt Romney calling Russia the “number one geopolitical foe” of the United States. The Russian leader reminded Romney that the Cold War has been over for a while, suggested that he has seen too many Hollywood movies, and urged him to put some sort of filter between his random thoughts and the words that come out of his mouth. Medvedev seems for some strange reason to think that candidates for the presidential nomination need to “switch on sensible reasoning” when speaking in public. Ain’t it the truth.

Romney had earlier pledged to take on China over currency valuation, warning that it is an American, not a Chinese century. (Bruce Ramsey sensibly wants to know why it can’t be both.)

Then Romney had written that [pdf] Iran is the biggest challenge since the Soviet Union and before that, Nazi Germany. Since Iran has almost no air force or navy and a poorly equipped military and since its military budget is somewhere between that of Singapore and Norway– and since Iran hasn’t aggressively attacked another country for at least 150 years, I think it is fair to say that Romney was scaremongering about Iran, which is a minor challenge for the US.

And, as Daily Kos points out, before that he was fixated on ‘Islamic Jihadism” as the primary enemy. The scary thing is that Romney cannot distinguish between a terrorist organization like al-Qaeda and a political party like the Muslim Brotherhood, which now dominates the Egyptian parliament. And he thinks Shiites want a caliphate (actually Shiites are critical of the Sunni caliphates.)

So Romney just wants to scare us, and he tries to twist rivals into dire enemies or build up ramshackle third world countries as the equivalent of a nuclear-armed, tank-heavy Soviet Union.

Now the Russian Federation is the number one enemy. Romney seems to have a number one enemy du jour. In fact, there are many areas of economic and other cooperation between Russia and the US. Likewise, the two are allies with regard to Afghanistan and have increasingly close military cooperation.

But the main thing is that Romney has opened himself to ridicule from the Russian president, and transformed a minor gaffe on President Obama’s part into a major gaffe on his own part.

“Medvedev Says Romney’s Statement On Russia ‘Smells Of Hollywood’
Tuesday, March 27, 2012 …
Document Type: OSC Translated Excerpt…

Excerpt from report by corporate-owned Russian news agency Interfax

Seoul, 27 March: Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev has said that pre-election statements by US presidential candidates sometimes “smell of Hollywood” and advised them to switch on sensible reasoning, as well as pay attention to the fact that it is not the middle of the 1970s at present.

“As regards various ideological cliches, I am always wary of any particular side using constructs like ‘number one enemy’ and so on. This strongly smells of Hollywood and particular periods,” Medvedev told journalists in Seoul, responding to a request to comment on a statement from a Republican Party presidential race hopeful, Mitt Romney.

Medvedev added: “Thus I would tell all contenders for the post of the US president, not excluding the person whom you’ve just mentioned, two things at the very least: the first is to switch on sensible reasoning when establishing a position – using one’s head is not a bad idea for a presidential candidate. And second, check your watch – it is now 2012, not the middle of the 1970s”. (Passage omitted to end)

(Description of Source: Moscow Interfax in Russian — Nonofficial information agency known for its extensive and detailed reporting on domestic and international issues) “

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30 Responses

  1. warning that it is an American, not a Chinese century.

    To misquote a well known Chinese statesman, it’s too soon to tell.

  2. ‘number one geopolitical foe” – This is nothing more than Romney seizing what he feels is an opportunity for a little press and maybe a few votes from people not in the know.

    The Romney’s have for decades been tied at the hip with high level Russians. The entire inter-play is an attempt to deflect and make Romney appear something he isn’t.

    I was at all the early meetings and know how the connections were made, it is sickening to see Romney play the public.

  3. Let us not forget his profile in courage moment when as Governor he boldly refused former Iranian pres Khatami security on his trip for a speech to Harvard. Being unable or unwilling to distinguish between any given Iranian and another ought to win him kudos from the fearsome 3 amigos (McCain,Graham & Lieberman)as they conduct their hallucinated, preparatory battlefield patrols.

  4. Update on the nuclear front.

    I didn’t realize that the USA still had the doomsday system that could be set off by the president.

    Article by Daniel Ellsberg and David Krieger

    “America’s 450 launch-ready land-based nuclear-armed ballistic missiles are the opposite of a deterrent to attack. In fact, their very deployment has the potential to launch World War III and precipitate human extinction – as a result of a false alarm. We’re not exaggerating.”

    It takes 30 minutes for a nuclear missile to get to the USA, so there is a 15 minute window to respond with the doomsday solution. The nuclear cloud would set off an environmental catastrophe for the whole world.

    We have been seeing the destruction of the environment accelerating in recent years. I didn’t realize that our leaders could make it happen in just a few minutes.

    link to

  5. Maybe he just woke up one day and saw the resurgent John Birch Society at work in his party and thought he’d been transported back to 1955.

    • John Birch’er Cleon Skousen was dis- proven by his own FBI file, as a fraud. Of course, Mitt took classes from Skousen while Mittens was at Brigham Young University. Mitt learned well from Skousen how to do the slight of hand and play on the fears of people.

  6. Don’t these religious people ever practice what they preach, like blessed are the peacemakers, turn the other cheeck, love your enemies? They are always scaring everyone with their talk of war while demonizing everyone from Russia to Iran, which I suppose is necessary to justify trillions of dollar spent on defense.

    • He ain’t religious. He was just born Mormon. We should focus our fears on the sincere holy warmongerers, both the ones who run for office and the millions who vote for them.

      • The focus should be on all people who victimize other people. People who take advantage of others, because they see someone easy to victimize, are a threat.

        With Romney there is no remorse or conscience for the people their ambitions have damaged. This same attitude can be found in many people. I have seen the same behaviors in many people from many different walks of life and political views.

  7. All sane individuals, sane news media and sane blogs should boycott Romney.

    How dumb are Americans, the mass news media, the so called intellectuals and the general population?

    Romney is a dumb blabber mouth billionaire that would collapse America.

    • True, true fed up nobody. But remember we all are somebody, even if no one knows who we are.

  8. It is simply astonishing in the face of such actions that the American press (if you want to call it that) seems to insist there actually will be a contest in November between these lightweights and Presdent Obama. True, Obama has his share of problems but this bunch from Mr. Romney down to whomever, is nothing but a sinister joke.

    I am reminded of the child who is cautioned by his mother to not touch the hot burner in the kitchen stove. It took a personal experience by him to understand the caution from his mother. Now, the caution was given when shrub was in the running but yet, this crowd of lemmings supporting such as these folk seems, yet again to want to touch that stove.

    Hopefully when Romney is POTUS and wants to send his army to Iran and wants to repeal the ACA, he will institute a draft of young 1% citizens to both do without Health Insurance and serve in the Infantry. Riflemen. SAW gunners. 60mm Mortarmen. Grenadiers.

    Go ahead fools, touch that hot plate again.

  9. I have a crazy thought: one’s list of the top three “enemies” or threats to the United States should include at least one party that has killed at least one American in the last thirty years.

  10. Suddenly it’s 1956 all over.

    I better go check the garage to see if my car grew tail fins.

  11. No one has ever been able to tell anything about Romney’s beliefs from anything he says, except that he believes it’s OK to say anything, no matter how dishonest, in order to get whatever he wants.

    So the policies he may seemingly support at one moment or another is not the point in evaluating the man. The utter cynicism and truthlessness of the man, that’s what’s obvious, and that’s what counts. What else really matters?

  12. A good way to help understand Romney et al is to read John Dean’s “Conservatives Without Conscience” and “the Authoritarians” by Bob Altemeyer (referenced by Dean) at link to http:

  13. “The Russian leader ….suggested that he has seen too many Hollywood movies, and urged him to put some sort of filter between his random thoughts and the words that come out of his mouth.”

    Somewhere I have read that ‘we only get the leaders we deserve’, much as I think Medev’s quote is hilarious and one I will treasure for future use, the fact that Romney doesn’t put a “filter between..”, and he is top of the Republican list says more about the US voter than it does Romney.

    • Romney is not really on top of the list. Mitt has bought many people in the GOP and many owe him. But remember, 75 per cent of the GOP does not approve of Romney. I have worked and spoken with many conservatives which disapprove of Romney and have fought to curb his power in the GOP. It was people with the GOP which understood Romney is a threat when I spoke with them, and moved to lessen Romney’s power. It was difficult to get liberal’s attention on this issue.

      Romney is a dirty player, and like BBC journalist Greg Palast found, Mitt threatens people. There is something seriously wrong with Michigan people. Very disappointing people.

  14. It offends me, as a non US citizen, that the electoral choices of uninformed and moronic US voters and the politicians that pander to them, typically Republican, affect my life.

    • Are you suggesting that you are “offended” that the electoral choice of “uninformed and moronic US voters” in 2008 resulted in the election of Barack Obama? And are you suggesting that Barack Obama “pandered” to your “uninformed and moronic US voters” in order to win the election?

      Two questions:

      A. How have the “uninformed and moronic US voters'” choice of Barack Obama in 2008 adversely “affected your life?”

      B. As a non-US citizen, what is your country of citizenship, and are the voters in your country all “informed” and “non-moronic” in their choice of leaders? (I am assuming that your country has free and fair elections. If it does not, you are hardly in a position to criticize the US electorate, moronic or not.)

  15. One has to wonder if the skills needed to make money by buying and selling companies are transferable to any other human endeavor.

  16. Correction to earlier comment:
    One has to wonder if the skills needed to make money by buying and selling companies are transferable to any worthwhile human endeavor.

  17. Sadly our politics have come to this, but GOP has been telling the us for over 30 years what they want for this country – that is for USA to be ruled by ‘robber barons.’

    Mitt represents that 1% sponsored by the likes of Koch Bros who wants total conservative ideology control. Their money will put Mitt in the WH if we are alert enough. Mitt will start wars just like Bush43 did using the same people to frighten us to death.

    Yes, Mitt’s comments were right out of pre-1960s day which is where the robber barons want to take us. The days of states right, pre-civil rights, pre all the liberties minorities (includes women) enjoy today.

    Folks we gotta defeat these people at the ballot box this year 2012.

    • Here’s one real solution how to defeat the “robber barons’ that rule America and the world.

      Next action of “Occupy the SEC” & OWS: “Occupy Elections”.

      Send tens of thousands of emails to the 7 individuals of j”Occupy the SEC” that wrote the “absolutely astonishing 325-page comment letter on the Volcker Rule” and ask them to
      make their “next action” and that of the Occupy movements the selections of a third party or write in presidential candidate and candidates for all elections: federal, state, county and city. Call the movement “Occupy Elections”.

      “On Feb. 13, seven writers who described themselves as “concerned citizens, activists and financial professionals” filed a 325-page comment letter to financial regulators, outlining their concerns about loopholes in the “Let’s Try to Avoid the Next Financial Crisis”
      proposal known as the Volcker rule.”
      link to

      Actual 325 page letter and complete information: link to

      I’m almost certain that a majority if not 99% of Americans would get behind such a movement to get the corrupt politicians out of all of our governments.

      A major road block would be the fear that replacing the corrupt politicians might mean removing most of the existing politicians and most of those running for elections resulting in chaos. But don’t many Americans already have chaos in losing their homes, jobs,
      healthcare, etc? But, realize that it’s the majority of existing politicians that have failed 99% of Americans for the last 30 years.

      Many if not a majority of existing politicians and candidates are useless and/or corrupt. But, there are some honest and true politicians with real knowledge and wisdom which are beginning to shine brightly in the dark cloud of corruption.

      America needs to clean house of the robber barons(corrupt billionaires and their families, corporations, puppet millionaires and puppet news media, Federal Reserve(a private corporation), FDA aka Federal Death Administration, etc.

      “Occupy the SEC is the wonky finreg arm of Occupy Wall Street, and its main authors are worth naming and
      celebrating: Akshat Tewary, Alexis Goldstein, Corley Miller, George Bailey, Caitlin Kline, Elizabeth Friedrich,
      and Eric Taylor. If you can’t read the whole thing, at least read the introductory comments, on pages 3-6, both
      for their substance and for the panache of their delivery.” George Bailey is a pseudonym.
      link to

      Any errors, “Reply” corrections.

      I’m doing my best swimming at 70 with a dysfunctional memory.

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