Obama’s Hypocritical Message to Iran

President Barack Obama addresses the Iranian public on the occasion of the Iranian New Year (Now-Ruz).

Shorter version: The US and Iran are on the brink of war because you have a civilian nuclear enrichment program of the same sort a lot of other countries have; but we actually like you and want you to be able to read about that on the internet so we are providing you with piracy software to get around internet controls in Iran even while we’re imposing more and more control of the internet in the West and prosecuting leakers of government illegalities in an unprecedentedly harsh way.

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10 Responses

  1. Good summary. Repeated phrase “electronic curtain” – an attempt to evoke Churchill?

  2. Does President Obama get to use the Net by himself or is he filtered too?
    “about 28 million, or 38 percent of the population, in 2009.
    The Persian blogosphere is considered one of the most active in the world. The number of active bloggers includes approximately 60,000 routinely updated blogs, according to the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University.”

  3. Why does the picture jump around so much? It looks like it was shot by his daughter (not the one in Mexico of course)

  4. We are determined to starve you and keep you in the 18th century but we have great love for you!

  5. How else would the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize speak?

  6. As I sit in a comfortable chair after lunch I have mixed feelings, on one hand he does have a lot of responsibility, then there is Israel and fear mongering, of course you cannot be to harsh or where is peace? Balancing the act between prudence, courtesy and encouragement to the Iranian people who are prisoners in their country and have much to complain about, our troubles are minimal compared to theirs.

    Since American are about sensationalism, controversial attack and in your face lies, this president who was taught good manners, civility, critical thinking and a heart for the universal condition of men, is much maligned, misunderstood and not appreciated by the barbaric , quasi barbaric, religious fanatics, ignorant of the constitution citizenry.
    I am sure none of your followers fall in those categories.

    Compared to Bush is quite the best president we have for the job. Best of all is not always talking about what he has done for the country, he expects you to find out.
    We cannot go to war, it will be a drastic mistake. We are arrogant and we think we are superior,we are not, all human beings on earth are equal.

    The best we can do now is prepare for Peace, the Peace for the Planet, without world banks and trade sanctions…the peace for the people and reverence for life.

    Over 20 millions died in war in the last century because few men or women lacked wisdom or acted as evil emissaries.

    We need not fall in the same trap this century….we must stop now.
    Wars will lead to self destruction of people and the Earth.

  7. Dear Lea sorry your 20 million is a bit short from my sources I understand the numbers are more like 10 million WW1 and 50 million WW2, which makes any point about no more war even more important. Especially the nuclear one being set up by the Israelis with Iran.
    Plus there was Korea Vietnam Balkans etc.
    Civilians men women and children are very distressing numbers 27 million WW2

  8. Another useless speech by Obama. I listen but hear and feel nothing of any substance. No inspiration.

    Obama as well as all of the presidential candidates are not worthy of the presidency. Their words are empty and have no substance.

    America needs a President that has the wisdom, courage and honesty to lead America and the world out of the Dark Ages of lies, deceit, deregulations, and corrupt ignorant rule by the billionaires and their families and corporations.

    “On Feb. 13, seven writers who described themselves as “concerned citizens, activists and financial professionals” filed a 325-page comment letter to financial regulators, outlining their concerns about loopholes in the “Let’s Try to Avoid the Next Financial Crisis” proposal known as the Volcker rule.”

    link to bloomberg.com

    I believe that there’s a chance for real recovery and honest government if the group that prepared the “325-page comment letter” takes the initiative to make their “next action” and that of the Occupy Movement to be selecting a third party presidential candidate(s) that will have the wisdom, courage and honesty to lead America and the world out of the Dark Ages of Corrupt Governments. And, will represent over 99% of Americans. Otherwise, more of the same crap. Politics must be replaced with democracy.

    The seven writers include: Caitlin Kline, Kaye Scholer, Kamlesh Te wary, George Bailey, Alexis Goldstein.

    google: “Occupy Vigilantes Write New Volcker Rule Script”

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