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  1. how about ‘dwelling for us’ instead of ‘dwelling for you and me’

    The repetition of ‘you and me’ is a little clunky, and the ‘us’ resonantes better later with the ‘midst’

    • The Bartender is like An Instrument of God or manifestation of God, so bundling “You” and “me” is blasphemy and making partner for God.

    • Juan is using a more literal translation from the original Farsi, which rhymes “you and me” instead of “us”. Also, what has been translated as bartender (for the lack of a better English word) is actually a pretty-looking and sometimes seductive hostess who goes around and fills up the wine cups. So, “you and me” is a more intimate expression compared to “us” which may include everyone else present in the tavern.

  2. Omar Khayyam is always going on about wine and bars – was alcohol freely available in 11th century Persia? Was the Islamic prohibition on booze just not strongly enforced at that time, or was he drinking in the equivalent of speakeasies?

    • Drinking wine in Khayyam language is “doing” and creating the self and not talking.

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