The US Congress’s UNESCO Problem: Daily Show

Comedy Central’s John Oliver sends up the US congressmen who stupidly and wickedly cut off funding to UNESCO because 100 member nations voted to admit Palestine to the organization. The US was a sponsor of the Oslo Peace Accords that created the Palestine Authority and set it on the path to statehood, and it is impossible to understand why an otherwise decent person like Wexler wants to keep the Palestinians stateless and without rights. Is he in favor of bringing back slavery, too?

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  1. BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Germany on Thursday pledged to fund two new schools in the Gaza Strip, the UN agency for refugees said. Germany will contribute €3 million ($3.96 million) to UNRWA to enhance the agency’s free schooling program

  2. “GENEVA: The UN Human Rights Council on Thursday passed a resolution ordering a first probe into how Israeli settlements may be infringing on the rights of the Palestinians.

    The resolution was adopted by the 47-member council with 36 votes in favour and 10 abstentions. Only the United States voted against it.”

    Isn’t it overdue for the US to seek independence from Israel?

  3. Laughed so hard I cried, then got mad. Oliver simply pwns Wexler, who is so committed to the AIPAC party line that he can’t deviate from it even knowing that Oliver is making him look like a fool repeatedly. Need to save this for the next time Wexler says something gutless in the media.

    Glad the government of Gabon were good sports to let the Daily Show crew come into country to highlight the good work they’re doing. Sure the country’s now on some sort of naughty list with the State Dept. not to mention any number of chickenhawk neo-con agitators.

  4. The Daily show has really opened up the last two years on this issue. Stewart would not touch it for over a decade John Oliver and writers brilliant on this issue. They nailed it

  5. This ENTIRE episode was priceless, as the earlier segments set-up this one. Done in this way, nowhere does Oliver ever have to say/ask Why? I think he even used the phrase of “cutting off your nose to spite your face,” which is what the US has essentially done. A classic example of how the US has forsaken its own best interests for that of another country.

    I suspect Wexler’s constituents directly support this policy, so he’s essentially doing what he’s told independant of AIPAC, but you can see he still knows better….”just remember, we’re the good guys.” A think reed to cling to.

  6. But can anyone shed light on why people like Wexler let themselves get into these situations with Daily Show and Cobert? Is it that they don’t recognize their own glib, cavalier attitude? Or the illogic of everything they say?

    Some enterprising political science graduate student should analyze this for a thesis.

    • Basic hubris …

      They are so convinced that they are right and so confident that they can easily bamboozle mere clowns.

      Of course they never understand that Stewart, Colbert and their staffs are actually quite intelligent and perceptive and often much, much more in tune with society than the people being interviewed are.

      As all the religious and philosophical documents show, PRIDE always leads to the downfall of men.

      But look at the bright side, if we didn’t have these people full of hubris, we might not have any comedy (or tragedies).

  7. link to
    “US lawmakers have released $88.6m (£56m) in development aid for the Palestinians that has been frozen since for more than six months.
    The move comes after two senior Republicans from the House of Representatives dropped their opposition to freeing the funds.
    One of them, Rep Illeana Ros-Lehtinen, said the money must not go to the Gaza Strip, which is run by Hamas.
    However, she said she would continue to block the remaining $58.6m in aid.”

  8. “MS. NULAND: Well, first let me say that the 19th session of the Human Rights Council did have a number of successes including on Syria and other things that we care about. And I would guess that we’ll have a more comprehensive statement on the session in a couple – either later today or in a couple of days.

    But obviously, the 19th session was marred by the vote by some member-states to create yet another one-sided UN mechanism targeting Israel. And as reflected in our vote against the measure, we strongly opposed the creation of this fact-finding mission to Israel, a mission that does not advance the cause of peace and which further politicizes the situation and distracts attention from what really needs to happen, which is for these parties to get back to the table.

    QUESTION: You said by some member-states. In fact, it was all member-states except 11. You voted no and 10 abstained. How many was it —

    MS. NULAND: As we always do.”

  9. Like Bob (above), I watched this with clenched fist & open (LOL’ing) mouth. US Congress should be forced to watch this.

    But still, they shied away from making thed point explicity: Congress does this kind of thing because they are owned by AIPAC on these issues.

    Also, the Law they cited says that the US must defund any agency which admits the PLO – which is NOT the name of the nascent country admitted to UNESCO, is it? This make the Obama administration more culpable; they could easily have picked this legal nit as a way out of this.

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