US Public to Israel’s Likud: On Iran, Negotiate or you are on Your Own

A new poll shows that the US public, showing a broad consensus across parties, wants the Iran nuclear enrichment issue dealt with through negotiations. They even want to entrust the issue to the UN security council. They think that the US should discourage Israel from attacking Iran. They are convinced that an attack would be a disaster and lead to a long-term conflict. And they hold that if Israel goes it alone and does strike Iran, the United States should remain neutral.

Israel- Iran Poll

All of these attitudes are the diametrical opposite of those held in the US Congress.

Only 24% of Americans said Israel should strike Iran. 69% want the US and Europe to pursue negotiations with Iran instead.

Some 71% of respondents want the US to discourage Israel from attacking Iran, including a majority of Republicans.

74% want the US to work through the UN Security Council to resolve the conflict with Iran! And fully 69% of Republicans concur.

A slight majority, 52%, want the US to remain neutral if Israel were to attack Iran. Some 60% of Democrats feel this way, while Republicans and independents are fairly evenly divided. But only 25% would want to see the US support Israel militarily in case a war breaks out.

This poll, if it is accurate, shows the resistance of the US public to the barrage of propaganda they have faced on the Iran nuclear issue. They don’t want a war, they don’t want the Likud Party initiating one, and they don’t want to get involved if Netanyahu goes off the reservation.

The Israeli public in polling also opposes PM Netanyahu’s war talk regarding Iran.

For more on the ways that the Israeli right wing has attempted to manipulate US public opinion on the Iran issue, see Richard Silverstein’s revelations.

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  1. Last Sunday my rage erputed while watching Chuck Schumer and my own senator Lindsey Graham on ABC’s This Week. Shumer said in a very smug fashion, “If sanctions don’t work…we’ll have to use force.” I began shouting at the TV, in typical Archie Bunker fashion…”No we don’t! There is no evidence that Iran, unlike Israel, is developing a nuclear arsenal.”

    Schumer made it sound so nonchalant, as if there would be no adverse consequences resulting in bombing a soverign country. He was not the least bit concerned that oil would skyrocket over two hundred dollars a barrel, and lapdog George Stephanopolous didn’t bother to press him.

    When the subject turned to Afghanistan, Lindsey Graham continued his rhetoric, “We can win this thing in Afghanistan.” Ten years and he still thinks there is still a “victory” to be had in that mud hut, goat farm known as Afghanistan.

    I pray these polls reflect an awakening of the American public.

  2. The Likud has brought Iran to the fore this year because it is a US Presidential election year, and their leverage for extortion and blackmail of Obama is maximized.

  3. I would like to recommend against the use of polls to determine either what is public opinion or what are proper actions.

    A poll, by definition, is multiple choice questions; and having personally experienced national polls, I propose that no set of multiple choices for a question is going to be exactly what is each person’s personal view of a situation.

    What is better is for wise people to put their minds to the pulse of the public and describe what they perceive is the mind of the public.

    I also suggest that the use of polls encourages people to assume that the correct action for any one situation is the view that scores highest on polling. And that is almost never true.

    In each situation, regarding of who’s involved, there is only one approach that will lead that situation to an optimal outcome; where the result is as close to excellent as possible, and all the participants enjoy the process; which I claim should be seen as the “moral approach” for that situation. And no such approach can be determined by a poll, or by a person who is susceptible to pressure from others.

    The whole point of a wise leader, where the situation involves many people and only one person can actually choose what approach is taken, is that the wisdom of that leader allows her or him to discern what is the moral approach for that situation, and then decide to take it, willing to take whatever flack appears.

    Unfortunately, in this country we haven’t had a genuinely wise leaders for decades, which is why this country has been headed in a downward spiral for decades, and there doesn’t appear to be any stopping continuing in that direction.

  4. now this is more like it, Juan :>)

    I always like it when a poll reflects my own view of the matter. I do think there is a broad resistance in the US to the Israeli propaganda. Yes, they have the majors, like the NYT and WaPo in their pocket, but fortunately we have the internet.

    And even on those NYT and WaPo renditions of reality, skewed to favor right wing Israeli aspirations in the Middle East — even there, if you read the commentary you can see that we are doing very, very well against the hasbarites. They can’t keep up with the numbers anymore, there’s simply too many of us. I have watched this change happen over the course of about 10 years.

    And it is a campaign which is going on everywhere, in all kinds of publications. The battle between enlightened US citizens and Israeli hasbara — or, to turn their own phrase back on them, the battle between enlightened US citizens and “useful idiots”, US citizens who really do believe that US and Israel interests are one.

    Even on the Amazon book reviews, if the topic goes anywhere close you can expect a rancorous tussle between US firsters and Israel firsters. And lately, the US has been winning.

  5. oh I nearly forgot, many thanks for the link to the Richard Silverstein piece. The commentary there was excellent.
    It’s great to see American Jews fighting back against Israeli incursions into US politics. I recently discovered the JVP website and it is also just excellent.

    link to

  6. I saw a poll floating around claiming that 53% of the American public would support an Israeli strike. But so what? As Chemi Shalev (?) wrote in Ha’aretz, that support would evaporate in a matter of months if or when the conflict dragged on. Also: An interesting article by JJ Goldberg in the Forward last week, asserting that entire military and intelligence establishment in Israel opposes an Israeli strike at Iran, at least for now.

  7. The Silverstein link was quite a good read: insightful and putting events in their larger context. It raised a couple important points, the big one being Why, or Why, all this drama on nukes when the Likud leadership must know better.

    Big reason being, IMHO, to distract attention from the ongoing construction and general abuse of the Palestinian question. There really is a consistent pattern of increasing settlement construction and other aggressive colonization moves when the media is distracted by more pressing issues.

  8. While encouraging, this is only the modest beginning of a shift permanently away from our erstwhile apartheid ally, given the enormous resources of the popular corporate media to establish ‘opinion’ – usually to the continued detriment of the interests of the United States and the rest of the world.

    Still, let’s not forget humor’s place in all of this: Israel was recently referred to as “our crazy ex-girlfriend” on a popular blog post – I think that about sums up the growing sentiment here in the US perfectly. Let’s do our best to have that particular moniker stick

  9. Dear Juan,
    Is it possible to have the source of the Poll?

    • There are links to the sources within the post. The University of Maryland is the primary sponsor.

  10. The polls show that the US public is NOT represented in the congress. Even in the poll, the questions were “leading”, eg assuming that Iran was making nukes and the attack would stop this) so people may be even more canny than shown here.

  11. I’m sure you have noticed by now that we citizens have no control over the noise machine or the govt. for that matter.

  12. Whether or not us weed to stay “neutral” a consequence of such a disaster would forcevus and many other nations to take up arms.

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