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  1. The problem is not that “America Does not Go Abroad in Search of Monsters to Destroy” the problem is that it behaves monstrously abroad (and increasingly at home).

  2. “She is the champion and vindicator only of her own.”

    Wise words indeed! And if they were followed, we never would have assisted the Libyans get rid of Qadhaffi. Nor would we, in the future, assist countries trying to move from autocracies to something else in the so-called “Arab Spring.”

    • We should all be so wise as the Experienced Players and their spokespeople, who would have us forget about all the monstrosities that they and their chums have, are, and henceforth will be, committing in the name, the holy name, of “freedom and independence for all.” But actually in aid of that ongoing wealth transfer from a “real economy” to what they got in mind for us next…

      Maybe some of us have read this little link: link to slate.com

      Naw, “we” don’t need to search abroad for monsters — we got a whole shipload of them, home-grown fellas and gals who know that The Purpose of Torture is Torture, and The Purpose of Power is Power.

      So “we” are assisting the progress of the Arab Spring? Or at least pretending that “we” are? On the evidence of burning up some munitions inventory on Gadaffyduck’s force structure? Gee, I wonder if there’s anything other than a bald assertion that might support that statement? Since the pretty much entire game plan for the New American Century and ol’ Dulles and that Kermit Roosevelt guy and the rest has been to pretty much make sure that guys like the Shah, and Batista, and Savimbi, and de Klerk, and Marcos, and Netanyahu, and Karzai, and Somoza (link to en.wikipedia.org) and so on, rule the various roosts, has pretty much been, where it’s even visible, a blanket refutation of that notion.

    • Dear Bill,

      If America were not following the ‘Words of Wisdom’ “She is the champion and vindicator only of her own.”, then why did she go into Libya, but has not gone into Syria?

      The reasons for going into Libya may be many (Revenge? Oil?) but I suspect altruism is not high on the list, or we would see it applied more frequently in other countries, where perhaps it would be more warranted.

      Regards, Mark

  3. It was informative to read this Adam’s quote. It is truly amazing how many Americans today have totally forgotten the philosophical foundations of our country. What made this country great is setting an example of progressivelyextending the initially proclaimed rights to every citizen; a series of actions never done in any other country in the world to the extent here at home.

    Yet in the past couple of decades, particularly in the past decade, most have apparently taken on the mission of eviscerating more and more of those gains. It seems impossible, but most appear to hell bent on providing an American version of the collapse of the Roman Empire.

    • The Roman Empire is a good analogy, but, more recently, look at the Soviet Empire that was a great military superpower thrity years age and struggles today economically.

      The organizing principle of any society is for war; the authority of the federal government over its citizenry resides in its war power and national security apparatus.

      The federal government has drained trillions of dollars of taxpayer funds in the post-WWII years for military adventurism and foreign aid and has received a negative return on many of these “investments” – incluing Indochina, Iran, Cuba, Chile, Nicaragua, Italy, Pakistan, Israel, Lebanon and other locales. These funds could have been epended for education, slum clearance, industrial development, medical research, and other worthwhile domestic causes that would have boosted the standard of living in America.

  4. Sadly we’ve propped up more than a few monsters abroad when we felt it was in our “interests”.

  5. John Quincy Adams had some wise sayings.

    I agree with him to the extent that America needs to withdraw from involvement of the internal affairs of most countries it is now deeply involved in. The conflicts and upheavals in Indochina, Cuba, Lebanon, and Libya in the preceding decades are a source of colossal wastes of taxpayers’ monies.

    Syria may the next battleground that America will be supplying weapons to.

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