Biden to Romney “Dude, you are so 1975” and “If you Plan war with Iran, tell us Now”

Vice President Joe Biden attacked Mitt Romney’s foreign policy ideas on Thursday.

Romney’s policies are to send tens of thousands of troops back into Iraq, and to antagonize Moscow. He had once said that he wouldn’t pay millions to kill or capture Bin Laden. Biden quipped that if Romney had been president the US auto industry might have been dead but Bin Laden alive.

Biden began by defending Barack Obama on foreign policy, pointing to his withdrawal from Iraq, his plans for drawdown in AFghanistan, his killing of Usama Bin Laden, and the way his administration has raised the esteem of the United States abroad.

Biden said that Romney, who keeps referring to the Russian Federation as the ‘Soviet Union,’ of having a ‘Cold War mindset.’

He also pointed out that when Romney criticizes Obama for not doing enough with regard to Iran, Romney says he will ratchet up sanctions. But actually Obama has subjected Iran to the most severe financial sanctions possible. Biden correctly says that the only thing Romney could do more than Obama is doing, would be to go to war against Iran.

Biden drily remarked that if Romney really intends to go to war with Iran, he has an obligation to tell the American public that: “If that’s [war on Iran] what Governor Romney means by a very different policy, he should tell the American people….”

Romney’s campaign supporters actually inadvertently backed up Biden’s point. Pierre Prosper (a former Bush ambassador), said that Obama had appeased Russia by abandoning the plan for a missile defense in “Czechoslovakia” (try to find that on the map nowadays).

Then former secretary of the navy under Bush, John F. Lehman, expressed the concern that the “Soviets” were benefiting from the Obama administration’s cuts to the US military.

Romney said a few weeks ago that Russia is the ‘number one geopolitical threat’ to the United States, drawing a sharp rebuke from then Russian president Dmitri Medvedev.

Even US Speaker of the House John Boehner criticized Romney for that piece of nonsense.

Romney appears not to realize that the US business elite desperately wants better trade relations with the Russian Federation. The US helped get Russia into the World Trade Organization.

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12 Responses

  1. I’m sure it’s just me, but looking over this and the rest of the most recent posts here, and and and and and and my local “newspaper” and and all that, oh, and aljazeeraenglish and Ha’aretz, it sure sort of looks to me, from that little sample, that we humans are, you know, like, fer shur, OMG, totally FU#$ED.

    Every vector I can perceive points in that direction, not the least the so-called Right: Romneyisms are right up there, the appearance that if elected, he will drive the feudalization and Gilding of everything further, faster and higher, and out-Obama Obama and predecessors in war-izing everything that’s not Hoovered up by the various species of Vampire Squids who are becoming the dominant species in our warming, acidifying ocean. (How the hell did this sorry assortment of smug, self-gratifying drumheads ever pull off the enormous coup of getting themselves labeled as “RIGHT?”)

    Some cry out, “Wake up!” as if most of us might somehow rouse ourselves from torpor and a long, accelerating plunge into nightmare, and Take Some Action that might Bring About Healthy Change. Me? I think I’d rather go actually, quietly to sleep, perchance to dream of Something Better, which at least for me would not be an IPO for some new phenom, or some “successful post-legal Hellfire mission,” or assembly of that mortal virus that might give one the power of death over all the rest of us, or any of the other sh!t that’s shaking.

    Some of us are “sharp,” and rise in little thermals and vortexes in the soup, and “prosper.” But collectively, tied as we are to our little tribal bits of “wisdom” and “revealed truth” and all the complexities of profit and vengeance and sex and sorrow, “we” ain’t got a prayer, even a Mormon long-game prayer, of much of anything better.

    Welcome to Anomie, link to, that wild cousin of Entropy… To Arms! To Arms!

  2. Good piece! What all this does say is that Romney’s support comes from the Military/Industrial Complex which desperately needs enemies to justify its existence and lavish ways. Additionally, me thinks his popular support is from the > 70 set, and still retains the Cold War mindset. Not to worry, however, as this election will come down to simplistic evaluations of the economy and to racism which appeals to the majority’s reptilian mind.

  3. This is getting hilarious. If the democrats are smart, they’ll pick up the ‘you’re stuck in the Cold War..” theme and run with it. It is an image that the American people can quickly absorb. Obama could have been the first genuine ‘cold war’ President. Clinton was a placeholder on FP; Bush took us straight backwards. Obama hasn’t totally abandoned the Cold War attitude himself: if it’s not Russia, it must be China that we’re against!

    • You want scarey?

      Those people “stuck in the cold war mindset” are the most alarmed and involved voters, pining for the good-old days of Ozzie and Harriet US pre-eminence and Midwestern Main Street White Man dominance that never existed in the first place. With the wavering enthusiasm of a bunch of young, disenchanted, first-time, and never again voters, Obama could be in deep trouble.

      While in Texas, I noticed a guy named Dewhurst running for the vacating Senate seat of Kay Bailey Hutchison. He is saturating the air with ads extolling the glory of his Father who flew bombers in WWII: Dewhurst is basing his legitimacy on his Father’s glory. Nada Mas. Its like, these young-uns have screwed up everything the greatest generation build, now we gotta take it back from “those” people.

      Hey, I’m old, but I’m neither stupid or vain; at least not compared to the target market Dewhurst and Romney are clearly banking on.

      • What’s really bizarre? These scared old white people, you have correctly pointed out, are nostalgic for their childhoods, when we had 91% income tax rates on the rich, actually spent money on repairing public infrastructure and schools, and occasionally enforced anti-trust laws, all the legacy of FDR. Yet they are convinced the way to get their childhood back is to revert to the 19th century, which they had no actual experiences of: monopolism, plutocracy, social Darwinism, union-busting, Jim Crow and even secessionism. At least the America of that time was isolationist and thus could afford its policies, but that’s the one part of the 19th century the great majority of conservatives reject.

        I’ve never been able to explain this disconnect, but it’s too important to give up trying.

  4. “Biden began by defending Barack Obama on foreign policy, pointing to his withdrawal from Iraq, his plans for drawdown in AFghanistan, his killing of Usama Bin Laden, and the way his administration has raised the esteem of the United States abroad”.

    I beg your pardon — we’ve just signed a deal with Afghanistan that the NYTimes says will have us “helping” them for years ahead, with exactly whom has Obama “raised the esteem of the United States abroad”, who is helped by the increasing killings (of women, children, innocent men, American citizens) carried out by Obama’s assassin drones, who exactly is being helped by Obama’s much lauded sanctions on Iran, but the real laugher is Biden’s calling on Romney to “tell us his plan” if he intends to go to war against Iran! Now THERE would be a change from our current president’s transparency (sic!).

    It’s not that I think that Romney is what the country needs — it’s just that I’m quite sure that Obama is not the president the country needs either.

  5. Since the giant oil and gas corporations thrive on wars, there must be a war going on, at all times. If there isn’t a war, then one must be instigated. It’s very easy to pick a fight. The Saudi’s have WMD, or some such farce.

  6. Obama has raised the USA in the eyes of the world????His election did, when people thought there would be change after the W disaster, but ever since, the world now knows.

    ObL’s death??? what happened to “look forward, not back”?

    Romney, after WBush then Obama, only shows that when a POTUS is excrutiatingly bad, an even worse one is possible.

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